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Diagnoses & Techniques

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Diagnoses look up
African nose
Afroamerican nose
Afrocaribbean nose
Alar flaring
Alar rim retraction
Andine nose
Angled dorsum
Arabic nose
Asian eyelids epicanthus fold
Asian nose
Asian upper monolids
Asymmetric breasts
Asymmetric nose
Asymmetric tip
Baggy lower eyelids
Baggy upper eyelids
Banana rolls flab
Bat wing arms
Bifid columella
Bifid tip
Boxy tip
Breast galactorrhea milk production
Breast implants animation muscle flex deformity
Breast implants bottoming out
Breast implants capsular contracture
Breast implants capsule calcification
Breast implants cleavage tenting
Breast implants displacement malposition
Breast implants double bubble deformity
Breast implants excessive movement
Breast implants extrusion
Breast implants flipping over
Breast implants hematoma
Breast implants infection
Breast implants lateral slide
Breast implants riding too high
Breast implants rippling
Breast implants seroma
Breast implants side boob
Breast implants symmastia uniboob
Breast implants visibility palpability
Breast loss mastectomy
Breast tissue bottoming out
Breast tissue infection
Breast tissue necrosis
Broad dorsum
Broad nose
Broken breast implants
Bulbous tip
Central European nose
Cleft nipples
Cobra neck deformity
Concave lateral cruras
Congenital nose
Crooked nose
Crooked septum
Crooked tip
Cross eyed breasts
Cross eyed breasts implants
Deep nasolabial folds
Displaced malpositioned scars
Dorsum graft malposition displacement
Dorsum hump
Dorsum ridges
Double chin flab
Droopy cheeks
Droopy eyebrows
Droopy face
Droopy forehead
Droopy lips
Droopy tip
Dynamic alar flaring
Empty breasts
Extremely large breasts
Extremely saggy droopy breasts
Failed breast lift
Failed breast reduction
Failed osteotomies
Failed tummy tuck
Fatty abdomen
Fatty inner knee
Fatty upper pubic area
Flat dorsum
Hair loss face lift
Hairline distortion
Hanging columella
High dorsum
High radix
Hispanic nose
Hourglass dorsum
Humpless dorsum
Hypertrophic scars
Indian nose
Inverted nipples
Inverted V deformity
Irregular dorsum
Jewish nose
Keloid scars
Large alar cartilages
Large areolas
Large chin
Large earlobes
Large ears
Large lips
Large nose
Large nostrils
Large sills
Lateral breasts
Lateral sweep deformity
Long nose
Long philtrum
Long septum
Long upper lateral cartilages
Love handles flab
Low dorsum
Low radix
Lower eyelids ectropion
Lower eyelids scleral show
Mediterranean nose
Mildly large breasts
Mildly saggy droopy breasts
Mixed race blood
Moderately large breasts
Moderately saggy droopy breasts
Mulatto nose
Narrow breasts
Narrow dorsum
Narrow nose
Nasal airway obstruction
Nasal fibrosis
Nasal filler granulomas
Nasal implant extrusion
Nasal valve collapse
Nordic nose
Open roof deformity
Overprojected tip
Overrotated tip
Parenthesis tip deformity
Pendulous breasts
Persistent jowls
Pigeon chest
Pigmented scars
Pinched middle vault
Pinched nose
Pixie ears deformity
Plump tragus
Plunging tip deformity
Pointy tip
Polly beak deformity
Poorly defined tip
Poorly supported tip
Posttraumatic nose
Prominent chin
Prominent earlobes
Prominent ears
Rhomboid dorsum
Rounded tip
Saddle bags flab
Saddle nose deformity
Saggy abdomen
Saggy jowls
Saggy lower eyelids
Saggy neck
Saggy pubis
Saggy thigh
Saggy upper eyelids
Severely large breasts
Severely saggy droopy breasts
Short nose
Short septum
Short upper lateral cartilages
Skinny breasts
Slavic nose
Slightly large breasts
Slightly saggy droopy breasts
Small alar cartilages
Small breasts
Small calves
Small cheekbones
Small chin
Small lips
Small nose
Step off deformity
Stretched earlobes
Sunken chest
Sunken columella
Sunken scars
Sunken supratip
Supratip break
Tension nose
Thick alar rim
Thick skin nose
Thigh gap flab
Thin skin nose
Tip bossae
Tip graft malposition displacement
Tombstone dorsum deformity
Tombstone tip deformity
Too far apart wide cleavage breast implants
Too far apart wide cleavage breasts
Too narrow breast implants
Too wide breast implants
Torn earlobes
Tragus pull
Transgender breasts
Transgender cheekbones
Transgender chin
Transgender ears
Transgender eyebrows
Transgender lips
Transgender nose
Tuberous breasts
Underprojected tip
Upper eyelids ptosis
Vertical sweep deformity
Waterfall effect breast implants
Weak abdomen muscles
Weak chin
Wide breasts
Wide scars
Techniques look up
Alar base resection alarplasty
Alar contour rim graft
Alar rim resection
Anatomical cheekbone implant
Anatomical shape
Anchor incision
Areola reduction
Augmentation calfplasty
Bilateral TRAM flap breast reconstruction
Bullhorn upper lip lift
Caudal septum resection
Circumareolar incision
Closed approach incision
Closure lobuloplasty
Columella lengthening
Columella strut graft
Concha crescent resection
Custom incision
Custom made size and shape
Custom made tip graft
Deep plane SMAS platysma face and neck lift
Dorsocolumella graft
Dorsum hump resection
Dorsum plateau resection
Dorsum regularization
Dorsum replacement graft
Double vertical pedicle
Dual plane pocket
Ear cartilage graft harvesting
Elbow bone graft harvesting
Excisional scar revision
Extended brachioplasty
Extended cheekbone implant
Extended columella strut graft
Extended shield tip columella graft
Extra large size
Fasanella Servat procedure
Fleur de lis abdominoplasty
Fleur de lis cephalic ear resection
Fleur de lis earlobe resection
Fleur de lis monsplasty
Free nipple areola complex graft
Frontalis suspension
Hematoma evacuation
Hip bone graft harvesting
Horizontal chin osteotomy
Horizontal osseous chin grafting
Horizontal osseous chin resection
Incisional double eyelid crease blepharoplasty
Inferior pedicle
Inframammary incision
Inner thighplasty
Intercrural columella plasty sutures
Interdomal tip plasty sutures
Internal bra capsulorrhaphy
Jumping osseous chin overlapping
L shape earlobe resection
Lateral cruras batten graft
Lateral cruras caudal extension graft
Lateral cruras cephalic resection
Lateral cruras cross location
Lateral cruras custom made graft
Lateral cruras lengthening graft
Lateral cruras plasty sutures
Lateral cruras replacement graft
Lateral cruras repositioning
Lateral cruras reverse plasty
Lateral cruras shortening resection
Lateral cruras strut graft
Lateral tarsal strip
Limited brachioplasty
Lollipop incision
Lower eyelid fat bags resection
Lower eyelid skin and muscle resection
Lower eyelid wedge resection
Lower hemi periareolar incision
Lower lip autologous dermis collagen filler
Lower lip vermilion wedge resection
Medial cruras custom made graft
Medial cruras lengthening graft
Medial cruras replacement graft
Medial cruras shortening resection
Medial epicanthoplasty
Mustardé antihelical suturing
Nasal bones osteotomies
Nipple areola complex reconstruction
Nipple reduction
Nostril sill resection
Oblique chin osteotomy
One dimensional genioplasty
Onlay columella graft
Onlay dorsum graft
Onlay radix graft
Onlay supratip graft
Onlay tip graft
Open approach incision
Osseous chin advancement
Osseous chin setback
Puss evacuation
Radix resection
Rib cartilage graft harvesting
Round shape
Seagull upper lip lift
Septal cartilage graft harvesting
Septocolumella graft
Septum bone realignment
Septum bone resection
Septum cartilage realignment
Septum cartilage resection
Septum caudal extension graft
Septum replacement graft
Seroma evacuation
Shield tip graft
Short temporal incisions supraperiosteal extended lift of the upper two thirds of the face
Spreader graft
Standard abdominoplasty
Standard brachioplasty
Standard cheekbone implant
Subciliary approach incision
Subcutaneous mastectomy
Subfascial pocket plane
Superior pedicle
Temporalis fascia graft harvesting
Three dimensional genioplasty
Tip defatting
Tip replacement graft
Tongue in groove columella setback
Total mastectomy
Transconjunctival approach incision
Transdomal tip plasty scoring
Transdomal tip plasty sutures
Triangular cartilages caudal extension graft
Triangular cartilages caudal resection
Tuberous mammoplasty
Tumescent liposuction
Two dimensional genioplasty
Unilateral TRAM flap breast reconstruction
Upper eyelid fat bags resection
Upper eyelid skin and muscle resection
Upper lip autologous dermis collagen filler
Upper lip vermilion wedge resection
Vertical osseous chin grafting
Vertical osseous chin resection