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The one-dimensional, two-dimensional or three-dimensional osseous reduction genioplasty or mentoplasty reshaping of the hypertrophic chin allows the decrease of the oversized or prominent profile due to the overdeveloped anterior projection which can be deprojected, vertical height which can be shortened and horizontal width which can be narrowed of the large chin or macrogenia, by means of horizontal, oblique and sagittal or paramedian cuts or osteotomies at the chin with interpositional removal of previously planned slices, chips and wedges of bone fragments to the desired point, with minimal scarring in invisible areas inside the mouth and life lasting results, providing also an indirect neck, jowls, lower cheek and corners of the mouth facelift effect by stretching the overlying soft tissues thanks to the osseous structure modification of the lower face and anterior jaw achieved with the reduction genioplasty.




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By choosing and getting in the same surgical procedure more than only one any treatment (except Breast Implants Custom XL and Breast reconstruction autologous) you'll be granted a progressive per every additional treatment awesome 5% (2 treatments), 10% (3 treatments), 15% (4 treatments) and up to 20% (5 or more treatments) discount off the total quotation for such combo.
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By choosing any Rhinoplasty treatment and getting in the same surgical procedure any Sliding genioplasty, Chin reduction or Chin augmentation treatment you'll be granted an awesome 10% discount off the total quotation for such combo.






  • Invisible inside the mouth at the lower labial sulcus near the gum, of excellent quality and invisible in practical terms.
    • scars chin reduction
  • Complete preoperative check which may include blood tests (count, chemistry, coagulation, etc.), heart check, electrocardiogram, lungs check, spirometry, X-ray, airway examination, referral to suitable consultant specialists, etc.; the battery of tests is customized to every patient's medical background and treatment scheduled, following international standards in anesthesia safety
  • Thorough preanesthesia assessment including in person consultation with the anesthetist, physical examination, advice, preparation, pre and postoperative instructions, etc.
  • General anesthesia for an average surgical of approximately 3 to 4 hours; although this treatment is theoretically feasible, however unrealizable in practical terms, under local anesthesia with sedation or twilight anesthesia, the latter pose an unacceptable health and life threatening risk, favours surgical errors or complications and downgrades the outcome of the procedure limiting the best possible results of the treatment, not to mention the painful and distressing experience for the patient; general anesthesia in any kind of procedures, especially in major ones, offers the highest grade of safety, absolute comfort, technical control, surgical feasibility and allows full development of surgeon's creativity aiming to achieve the best aesthetic results; under certain technical requirements regarding patient's peculiarities and the technique planned for the procedure it might be deemed indicated by the Medical Team either the use of local anesthesia plus mild sedation or twilight anesthesia for this treatment.
  • High safety immediate post-surgical aftercare staying 1 to 2 hours in the post-anesthesia care and recovery unit, where intensive surveillance and, should it be necessary, critical medical assistance is provided by intensive care specialist doctor on duty devoted only to post-operated patients and specialized nurses in a one-to-few staff/patients ratio, following the highest international standards of surgical and anesthetic management.
  • Day case management, patients leave the hospital the same day of surgery in the afternoon, evening or night according to medical, organizational and logistic factors, in good condition after a brief lapse of hours resting in their individual ward room; if you wished so you may purchase extended hospital stay as additional successive nights by enquiring availability and pricing to the Sales Team via the Customer Support form.
  • TIMETABLE WARNING: The scheduled time for the treatment, the duration of the surgery itself, the time spent in the recovery unit, the length of ward room stay and the exact moment of hospital discharge allowance are unpredictable, variable and dependent on multiple medical, organizational and logistic factors; we beg you patience and thank you for understanding how challenging is the surgical profession, the unexpected difficulties the physicians may encounter during their actions, the unpredictability of every treatment duration and patient performance and, ultimately, the absolute priority doctors take on providing the most optimal care to the case they are actually handling at every moment, being other duties and formality of a second order of relevance; yourself as patient would really wish and actually require the Medical Team have all their distraction exempt attention on you and only for you during the critical execution moments of the anesthesia, surgery and recovery stages of your own treatment, therefore and on behalf of other patients undergoing surgeries with our Medical Team on the same day than yours we are grateful for your comprehensive sympathy approach to any eventual delays to your treatment timetable expectations.
  • Attendance in the hospital is required at least the day before surgery as minimum show up to meet the Medical Team, carry out the preoperative formalities and prepare the procedure; further anticipation is always recommended and welcome, furthermore a well in advance in person preliminary visit to the hospital performing on premise consultation with the Medical Team is always the best choice before moving forward with surgery booking.
  • Patients travelling to our facilities in order to receive treatment by any transport mean on a trip taking less than 4 hours long are required to fulfill a postoperative stay in a suitable accommodation not further than 1 hour distance from the hospital as minimum as the night prior to surgery plus the night of hospital discharge and another 4 additional nights, needless to say the nearest to the hospital the better; more distant travellers must double such additional minima of stay near our facilities during the postoperative period; see our recommended nearby accommodation places here; longer than minima proximity stay near us may be always a wise option to consider.
  • In spite of the safety and controlled invasiveness of this treatment, it is of paramount importance, not absolutely essential though, travelling in company of an espouse, partner, relative or friend as supportive companion; should you be planning undergoing your procedure alone without companion we'd have you know this is not the wisest option and we would strongly suggest you reconsider bringing some adult escort you can trust for your safety and, in any case, require your stay in the very nearest accommodation available or alternatively you purchase extended hospital stay as additional successive nights by enquiring availability and pricing to the Sales Team via the Customer Support form.
  • The patient must keep a minimum safe accommodation protection, home seclusion and strict absolute immobility period of 1 week, during which it will refrain from staying or walking outdoors, driving, carrying out physical activities, lifting weights, sports, intercourse, household chores or any non intellectual activity other than those feasible with hands and forearms in a sitting position avoiding lifting the shoulders and never separating the arms and elbows from the chest or spinning the trunk; during this period the patient will be able to eat by own means any kind of food without restrictions; the patient should not remove the support garment applied after surgery or manipulate plasters unless is instructed so by the Medical Team; bed stay should be limited to sleeping hours and always raising the header to lift the head and trunk higher than the rest of the body; daytime is best spent in the living room on an armchair or couch conveniently entertained to keep the mind busy; during the early postoperative stage someone's support will be essential to walk in and out of bed, toilet, kitchen, etc.; physiological needs and personal hygiene may require assistance; not acting so will doubtlessly pose a real risk affecting your safety, the treatment outcome, your health or eventually your life.
  • You'll need an absolutely essential for this treatment sick leave from your job, do plan this issue in advance; minimum time off work for this treatment is 1 week for office works, 2 weeks in case of active works and 3 weeks for physical works; professions requiring a neat physical look over the operated area may need longer sick leave time; it is of paramount importance respecting the recovery frames and the Medical Team's indications, since the outcome of your surgery and even your health do depend on that.
  • Social stigmata of the treatment may be impossible to hide an average of 2 weeks, barely concealed with make up another 2 weeks or longer and be considered between somehow evident to discreet or subtle an undetermined period of months up to one year or beyond; this includes massive swelling deforming the chin itself and the surrounding facial structures, remarkably the lower lip, the jowls and the neck, extensive bruising pigmenting the face around the chin, temporary reduction of mobility or palsy of the affected chin and lower lip muscles, reduction, loss or increase sensation disorders and pain on the chin, lip and mouth, contour irregularities, changes in skin coloration, unsightly scars, speaking impairment and others; we strongly recommend patients to plan their social and private life based on realistic scenarios of recovery.
  • Sport is normally allowed in moderate grade after 3 weeks heavy workout may be commenced 4 weeks after surgery.
  • Average postsurgical pain is rated of 5 out of a 10 scale and is expected to last for approximately about 7 days, sourced mainly in the form of direct surgical pain, discomfort due to dryness of vermilion, sore mouth mucosa and tensional neck ache a strong cocktail of painkillers will be prescribed for its relief.
  • Antibiotics will be prescribed to prevent any infection; a stomach protector will be associated too.
  • All the cutaneous stitches are dissolvable, they do self-drop off and no removal is required.
  • Postoperative wound care can be carried out at patient's home by means of daily showers and meticulous hygiene; uneventful cases need no plaster or office-based nursing.
  • Postoperative control and checkups are carried out by our Medical Team following long tested and successful protocols, either on premise or online, based on their expertise, know-how and every patient's individual evolution.
  • Do bear in mind the unlikely eventuality in which patients might be prompted or even urged to show up at our hospital to be examined in person or receive on premise physical attention from our Medical Team; do research about the available surgical travellers' insurances should you wish to be covered in such a case.
  • Cosmetic and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery patients suffer a high grade of mental distress and psychological suffering due to the long lasting, visible and exposed stigmata arising from the intervention on such delicate tissues as those manipulated in this treatment; we strongly recommend a thorough self-preparation to go through this procedure in the smoothest manner possible, minimizing avoidable and unnecessary emotional disorders or anxiety; do always seek the help of our Medical Team's advice and support, you'll be given realistic prognosis and the best postoperative assistance.
  • Worrying concerns may also arise from the long period necessary for your treatment results stabilization, which may be disappointingly uncertain during the first months, intermittently progressing back and forth quite a few months and incomplete up to one year or beyond; this might be a source of frustration or even a reason for regretting; do prepare yourself psychologically for the procedure, this is Cosmetic and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and your sensitive tissues are affected by the procedure carried out, even minimally invasive or superficial ones; we beg you patience and understanding, sticking all time to our Medical Team's instructions in order to achieve the best of the outcomes.
  • A late surgical touch up or even a revision procedure is a very uncommon scenario but can never be totally ruled out due to the sometimes unpredictable behaviour of tissue healing; the costs of such remedial surgery would be fully charged to patient unless the procedure is covered by the Surgery Shield protection; do read about the available the Surgery Shield here should you wish to be covered in such a case.



  • This information is indicative only and does not represent an obligation with patients or a prediction of forthcoming events, since is based on statistical means for large groups of patients, with the variability that implies, and the biased experience of medical professionals.
  • Medicine and Surgery are not exact sciences, therefore it is not possible to foretell the most likely evolution neither establish the most suitable management for each individual case until the moment the physicians can preoperatively evaluate the patient and receive feedback about the postoperative.
  • One surgical process can't be fully predictable or be rigidly scheduled on a previous protocol, so the management plan may be modified at any time based on the requirements that could be considered as necessary or most suitable.
  • Healing is an imprecise and always unpredictable process due to the uniqueness nature of each patient; even with your physician prioritising post-op patient care excellence and scar minimisation techniques and treatments your evolution and results may be likely different to the information contained on this website, therefore your physician cannot guarantee any specific scenario and outcome commitment regarding your procedures.
  • Remember that all surgery is likely to produce lasting swelling and a lifetime permanent scar, which is likely to partially evolve over approximately 12 to 18 months or longer because this is an issue of unpredictable kind; some patients may be prone to permanent swelling and bad scarring.
  • Information on our website is not a substitute for a personalised, individual consultation that includes a physical examination, history taking, a discussion of the potential risks including potential common complications, pros and cons of various procedural options, and the likely outcome expectations of your surgical procedure. Only an in-person consultation and examination can help your physician to provide you with information about what you, personally, as a unique individual, can expect.
  • Dr. Alejandro Nogueira's opinions, indications, procedures, techniques and methods of diagnosis, treatment and management change frequently as new information is available due to scientific knowledge and state-of-the-art medical practice progress; we aim to keep information updated, but it is possible that some information may have been superseded and is in process of being added to our website, therefore it may not represent Dr. Alejandro Nogueira's most current methods or protocols.
  • All the prices and quotations visible on our website belong to or are calculated out of the reduced price list and do already enjoy by default a -20% discount from the standard price list for our treatments as compensating remuneration for the release and transfer of the intellectual property, the rights of image, the medical records and the personal data of our patients for scientific dissemination, medical teaching, public communication, commercial promotion, advertising marketing, commercial exploitation and disclosure in general, unless they express the opposite at their surgery day booking by opting for the standard prices. External Link READ MORE ABOUT BENEFITS OF THE COLLABORATIVE MODEL
  • Our prices are quotations valid for the majority of cases operated on; notwithstanding a few cases are non standard, atypical, requiring exceptional resources and, therefore, needing customized quote calculation; do seek the advice of our Medical and Sales Teams to find out whether your case lies within the standard protocol of management, which actually is the most likely scenario.
  • Standard quotations do cover the planned protocol of management, including preoperative consultation with the surgeon, preanesthesia examination, basic preoperative tests, surgeon, anesthetist and assistant fees, planned operating room, rental time, regular intraoperative surgical supplies (materials, drugs, etc.), agreed implants (breast, etc.), one recommended postoperative garment (brassiere, corset, etc.), 1 hour recovery unit stay, individual ward room, regular hospital supplies (materials, drugs, etc.) and postoperative office-based care.
  • Not included in standard quotations are, among others, non basic preoperative tests, pre and postoperative consultant referrals for assessment, additional garments, non hospital supplies (materials, drugs, etc.), postoperative tests and any kind of postoperative re-interventions, postoperative medical or surgical emergencies and costs exceeding the planned protocol of management like unplanned, unforeseeable and unavoidable extended surgical time rental of the operating room, extended hospital stay in standard ward or Intensive Care Unit (ICU) room and all the associated costs with any hospital-based assistance of complications, medicalized repatriation, hostelry accommodation, maintenance and travel costs; we do not take account of any costs not within the scheduled treatment pre and postoperative planned and agreed management.
  • We do not offer trip packages; the patient is bound to organize and pay for any trip, accommodation, food, transport, etc.
  • Prices do include the V.A.T.
  • Prices do not include any kind of travel or revision insurance; do read about the Surgery Shield for revision surgery here should you wish to be covered in such a case.
  • Treatments are payable in Euros only; we do not accept other currencies as payment of the treatments.
  • Any currency conversion is non accurate and has indicative purposes only.
  • Combo Specials discounts are percentages of reduction applied on the retail price of the standard quotations for the treatments of the price list; these discounts are not applicable on non standard cases, customized quotations and charges not included in the standard quotations.
  • The treatments Breast implants custom XL or Breast reconstruction autologous and the Surgery Shield for any body area treament is expressly excluded from any price reduction, discount and promotion, among them the Combo Specials.
  • Combo Specials are applied and calculated for each purchase of treatments to be performed simultaneously; Combo Specials are not allowed on treatments to be performed in different anesthetic procedures or different surgical episodes; any given purchase of treatments to be performed simultaneously may include more than one Combo Special.
  • One given treatment cannot be affected by more than one discount, be it Combo Specials or other discounts; in the event of a conflict due to the coincidence of more than one Combo Specials discount affecting a given treatment, the discount that produces the greatest gross discount in favor of the patient calculated at the given treatment in conflict level will be applied.
  • The lowcostmetic's General Combo Special only applies to treatments other than those affected by treatment-specific Combo Specials at any given purchase of treatments to be performed simultaneously; for the calculation of the lowcostmetic's General Combo Special all the treatments affected by treatment-specific Combo Specials are considered a single treatment.
  • All images are genuine, trustworthy and real standard views of the "before" situation and the long term settled "after" actual results of Dr. Alejandro Nogueira’s work, as well as true intraoperative surgical views and authentic technical or clinical scenarios depicting real practice hands-on cases belonging to Dr. Alejandro Nogueira's skills and expertise.
  • No other professional but Dr. Alejandro Nogueira himself as leading and executing surgeon has carried out the techniques, procedures and surgeries shown in the galleries.
  • No images were staged, digitally edited or modified in any way, except for cropping, adjusting and resizing to fit gallery format, removing identifiable elements and blanking with anonymity purposes.
  • The images of results, treatments, techniques and clinical situations are mere guidance examples aiming to help the patients in their decision-making process, providing an average overview of Dr. Alejandro Nogueira's work; no one of them can be considered as an obligation of any particular results nor a commitment for the application of any specific techniques, therefore you should not base your results expectations on them.
  • Every patient has to be assessed individually in order to establish a customized prognosis of results and design an individual surgical plan, being somehow unpredictable the real final outcome of any procedure as well the surgical gestures applied during the intervention, since they will depend on multiple particular, frequently unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable factors.
  • Even when you feel that you look very similar to another patient in their images, your results will likely vary significantly, because you are a unique person and every individual has not only a completely unique physique, but also uniquely individualistic body healing capacities, scarring tendencies and recovery processes, some of which are unpredictable even in very-healthy patients who rest adequately and do all the other right and prescribed things before and after their procedure.
  • Previous successful results of a physician do not guarantee future successful procedures and patient's satisfaction.
  • The images may display content that is graphic in nature showing explicit surgery, clinical events and that may depict partial or total nudity; if you find such material offensive or you are sensitive to it you should not use this feature and should exercise caution before accessing other explicit features of the website.
  • The images are appropriate for a mature-only audience; if you are under the age of 18 you should not view the content of this website.
  • All the reviews, ratings and opinions have been freely and voluntarily written and sent by real people with the intention to issue their feedback about their own first account experience regarding the services of Dr. Alejandro Nogueira, the Medical Team and the facilities where the treatments were performed or the assistance provided.
  • Despite exhaustive verification measures, it is impossible to guarantee the authenticity of the reviews, ratings and opinions received; moreover, it cannot be confirmed that these are patients really attended by Dr. Alejandro Nogueira or that the review corresponds to the reality of the assistance received, much less that the rating and opinion are a fair criticism close to an adequate one value judgment, either for its favourable spirit as well as unfavourable to the reputation of the parties involved.
  • It is up to the reader’s criterion to give more or less credibility to the reviews, ratings and opinions published at its own account and risk, once it is informed that their level of trustworthiness cannot be guaranteed, that all criticism is subjective or cognitively biased and that, although realistic and weightedly fair, a review cannot be extrapolated beyond the individual experience of a patient with a given treatment, a particular medical problem and with a unique and individualized technical application to their case, so it will be something that it will never be repeated in other patients, neither with regard to their technical planning nor regarding their evolution, much less in their results.
  • All reviews, ratings and opinions go through a moderation and editing process prior to publication, in order to guarantee, as far as possible, their quality, the philosophy of user’s help and guidance, their compliance with editorial policies, proofreading correction, their anonymization, third parties protection and their translation; there is the possibility that the published reviews differ substantially from the original version submitted or that it is decided not to publish those that are considered low quality ones, and therefore of no help to users, or for breaching the principles of proportionality, failure to pose a reasonable criticism and lack of adherence to the limits of freedom of expression, being fully and discretionarily reserved the right of admission, moderation, editing and publication of the submitted reviews.
  • Previous satisfied patients of a physician do not guarantee future successful patients' experiences or happiness about the treatments and their overall management.
  • Reviews, ratings and opinions are mere guidance background aiming to help the patients in their decision-making process, providing an average overview of Dr. Alejandro Nogueira's work; no one of them can be considered as an obligation of any particular grade of satisfaction nor a commitment for the achievement of any specific success, therefore you should not base your subjective expectations on them.
  • Every patient's individual satisfaction is somehow unpredictable, since this will depend on multiple particular, frequently unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable expectation factors of a very much subjective, cultural, psychological and intellectual kind.
  • Even when you feel very similar to another patient in their experience, your grade of satisfaction will likely vary significantly, because you are a unique person and every individual has not only a completely unique psyche, but also uniquely individualistic assessment capacities, expectation tendencies and acceptance processes, some of which are unpredictable even in very well mentally balanced patients who reflect adequately and do all the other right and recommended assessments before and after their procedure.
  • Any urgent matter of medical or commercial kind must be addressed through our Telephone Assistance which is operative 24/7/365 to contact with the Medical Team or through our Telephone Support which is available in office hours to contact with the Sales Team.
  • Priority but non urgent medical or commercial assistance is available by selecting priority option in the corresponding Online Consultation or Customer Support form.
  • Non urgent and non priority medical consultations may be carried out using the regular Online Consultation or Customer Support form without priority selection.
  • To apply for a face-to-face medical meeting use the In Person Consultation form.
  • If you wish to apply for treatment dates use the Surgery Day Booking form.