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  • OPERATIVE HOURS: 24 hours / Monday to Sunday / 365 days a year | Choose the Medical Team route in the voice menu.
  • You can leave a voice message if Dr. Alejandro Nogueira cannot attend your call.
  • Dr. Alejandro Nogueira is a very busy professional, therefore we do recommend using the online consultation form as the first contact option.
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  • Any urgent matter of medical or commercial kind must be addressed through our Telephone Assistance which is operative 24/7/365 to contact with the Medical Team or through our Telephone Support which is available in office hours to contact with the Sales Team.
  • Priority but non urgent medical or commercial assistance is available by selecting priority option in the corresponding Online Consultation or Customer Support form.
  • Non urgent and non priority medical consultations may be carried out using the regular Online Consultation or Customer Support form without priority selection.
  • To apply for a face-to-face medical meeting use the In Person Consultation form.
  • If you wish to apply for treatment dates use the Surgery Day Booking form.