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COVID-19 PROTOCOL: All the patients must receive a SAFE SURGERY fulfilling the contagion prevention and preoperative diagnosis protocol for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, read it with great attention here and stick to it meticulously; you'll be able to rely on the best recommendations available nowadays and the highest level of protection. MOBILITY RESTRICTIONS DUE TO THE STATE OF ALARM: The Royal Decree 926/2020 contemplates a series of exceptions for which mobility and travel are authorized at any time and between any region of Spain; one of these unrestricted situations is when the citizen goes to health centers. All patients who need it will receive an accrediting certificate that justifies their travel to health center, so that they can come to our facilities without legal impediments.
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Dr. Alejandro Nogueira's Before and After gallery of cases
Before & After Case UJHFM2TW
Before & After Case 2EM22QJ4
Before & After Case 2IYEAI7W
Before & After Case 4ATWWI3H
Before & After Case 7VARTNCB
Before & After Case IFJA79PQ
Before & After Case LXJJB6QY
Before & After Case QW6APWXY
Before & After Case FMQJGMFJ
Before & After Case R6BCGADH
Before & After Case VCYM3F7T
Before & After Case KPIUQB7K
Before & After Case HWTUWYKT