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Plastic Surgery Clinic

Plastic Surgery Clinic lowcostmetic

Lowcostmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic provides world class state-of-the-art Cosmetic and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery procedures performed under the highest standards of safety by our prestigious and experienced Medical Team in one of the most modern and reputed private hospitals of Europe.


  • Many patients wonder if our prices allow ensuring the highest quality in our treatments, surprised by the price differences in the market of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. To us safety, quality and reliability of our treatments are always the priority, ensuring the highest sanitary standards. Today this is possible without giving up offering competitive prices thanks to online business models on the Internet, Telemedicine and economies of scale only possible to market leaders.
  • Our operations are performed only in first class large private hospitals, fully equipped with modern operating rooms, intensive care unit (ICU), diagnostics laboratory and radiology, multidisciplinary medical teams (all medical specialities), 24 hours diagnostic, medical and surgical emergency services and any resources that may be necessary for our patients.
  • The implants and products used for our treatments are approved by National and European Health Administrations, include the manufacturer's warranty and are top quality.
  • All our patients are always operated by the same Plastic Surgeon making the first consultation with the patient, who will inform you personally of all the details of your treatment.
  • Particularized information about your treatment can only be offered when the Plastic Surgeon has known your wishes and studied your anatomy, which is done by means of Online Consultation and In Person Consultation.
  • Many aesthetic problems can be treated with various alternative methods and techniques, each option will have advantages and disadvantages that should be considered by you with the advice, supervision and approval of the Plastic Surgeon, who will be responsible for providing all the details required for your best and most suitable decision.
  • The final quotation cannot be calculated and guaranteed until the most appropriate treatment for your needs has not been determined by the Plastic Surgeon.
  • All our patients undergo a rigorous health care and assistance quality control for treatments to be safely performed.
  • A thorough check is performed preoperatively designed to suit each patient according to the criteria of the A.S.A. (American Society of Anesthesiology), which may consist of blood count, coagulation, chemistry, electrocardiogram, X-ray, ultrasound, thyroid, liver, kidney, lungs, etc.
  • In the preanesthesia examination patients are checked by the Anesthetist who will perform the treatment personally, who will be able to discuss the details of anesthesia (mode, duration, safety, etc.).
  • Your Anesthetist will stay by the patient throughout the entire duration of the surgical procedure without leaving the operating room or other simultaneous activities. Likewise, the Anesthetist will handle the post-anesthetic recovery and any subsequent need.
  • Your Plastic Surgeon will attend any pre and postoperative incidence with our entire team, being the staff on duty and reachable for patients.
  • Patients have a 24/7/365 dual system of urgent postoperative medical attention, phone and online, as well as in person to which they can turn to if necessary.
  • Personalized postoperative check ups and follow up are performed, based on the type of treatment, its evolution and the needs of each patient, until the case receives the final discharge.
  • We offer a down payment-free zero risk policy to our patients, by means of which you can request a firmly committed treatment date without any obligation of previous deposit of funds; this allows you to book your surgery and travel to us before moving forward any payment, which will not be required until you are fully satisfied with the facilities and confident in the Plastic Surgeon.
  • You'll be provided direct assessment with the Plastic Surgeon who will operate on you by means of free or charge Online Consultation and In Person Consultation prior to your surgery day, as well as free of charge preanesthesia examination with the Anesthetist who will take care of you during your treatment.
  • With us you'll enjoy full customer support from the Sales Team and assistance from our Medical Team in excellent English and native Spanish languages; no translator will take part in your communications with your Plastic Surgeon and your Anesthetist, all communications with be direct and in fluent English or Spanish.
  • Transparency is a must in our information policy to patients, that's why you can have full access online to the curriculum vitae, official memberships and medical credentials of our physicians, as well as real patients' verified opinions and reviews.
  • At your arrival to our facilities you’ll meet your Plastic Surgeon without any time limitations, with whom you can discuss all your concerns, address any questions and in reciprocity he'll provide full explanations about your treatment and all the involved details; you'll never be medically assessed, informed and intervened by any assistant or second level staff.
  • Once you show up at our facilities you may request a comprehensive visit to the hospital guided by a member of our staff, still for free and with no obligations from your side; areas you may have interest visiting are the operating rooms, intensive care unit (ICU), ward rooms, medical and nursing offices, laboratory, radiological area, surgical sterilization unit, emergency area and any other departments that might be involved in your treatment.
  • You will be bound to pay for your treatment only once you have agreed your treatment with the Plastic Surgeon in charge of your case, you've approved the facilities for your surgery and you feel absolutely convinced you are taking the best and right decision for your interests.


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  • Lowcostmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic activities and patients's assistances are built into the most prestigious, luxurious and exclusive private hospitals within the elite healthcare centers in Spain.
  • Our surgeries are always performed in centers with full hospital accreditation, we never operate in clinics or small outpatient surgical centerscenters. Safetry is our priority.
  • Hospitals are located in very safe, discreet and quiet districts of Spain’s main cities, far from the hassle and risks of city tourism, always well connected with the main city, intercity and international transport means (airport, train station, bus station and local transports).
  • Nearby there are all the convenient amenities and services (hotels, pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants and shops).
  • Remarkable among its facilities we should mention their private, individual and luxurious inpatient stay bedrooms equipped with WiFi, consulting rooms, analitics laboratory, operating rooms, anesthesia recovery unit, adults ICU (intensive care unit) and all the services of a general multi-speciality hospital.
  • Attendance in the hospital is required at least the day before surgery as minimum show up to meet the Medical Team, carry out the preoperative formalities and prepare the procedure; further anticipation is always recommended and welcome, furthermore a well in advance in person preliminary visit to the hospital performing on premise consultation with the Medical Team is always the best choice before moving forward with surgery booking.
  • Patients are required to stay as minimum the night of surgery and a few additional nights (see the Facts & Figures section at your treatment) in a suitable accommodation not further than 1 hour travel time from the hospital, needless to say the nearest to the hospital the better; longer than the recommended minima stay near us may be an option to consider.
  • Not being absolutely essential in some treatments thanks to their safety and minimal invasiveness, travelling in company of an espouse, partner, relative or friend as supportive companion is a very much advisable option or even a mandatory requirement in a few treatments or cases according to physicians' criterion; should you undergo your procedure alone wihtout companion we would require your stay in the very nearest accommodation available walking distance from the hospital.
  • You can find the suitable accommodation here or in your preferred booking agent.


Read attentively these instructions, they are of paramount importance since your treatment logistics, safety, success and your health will depend on how you comply with them and with any particular advice given.
  • These instructions do apply the period commencing 2 weeks before surgery and follow 2-4 weeks afterwards (see the Facts & Figures section at your treatment).
  • You should not consume aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid and derivatives), anti-inflammatory drugs, vasodilators and as a general rule any medication or active substances (drug therapy, naturopathic, homeopathic, supplements, vitamins, herbal, home remedies, etc.) not authorized by the Medical Team in charge of your surgery; if you have doubts send an Online Consultation.
  • The patient should inform the Medical Team by means of an Online Consultation about any health problem, medical care or treatment received during this period.
  • In case of any issues, doubts or conflicts do first ask the Medical Team by means of an Online Consultation and then act as you have been medically advised, do not do it the other way round, do not indiscriminately consume medication prescribed by physicians other than those from the Medical Team responsible for your surgery or treat yourself at your own risk.
  • Try not to think obsessively on your treatment, do not spend time reading medical websites in an addictive manner, stay distant from your surgical fears and mind yourself busy with moderate entertainment, friends and family.
  • Perform a healthy, abundant and varied nutrition, do not diet or follow specific nutrition.
  • If you smoke you should not discontinue or reduce consumption of tobacco, because withdrawal reaction symptoms of smoking are highly detrimental and because the effects on tissues do last many years after quitting, doing so would be a useless and harmful decision.
  • Alcohol is not absolutely prohibited if the consumption is slight, however you must not drink in excess or become drunk.
  • Keep a regular sleep habit and rest sufficiently, do not party at night or carry out extreme activities that may pose a risk of injuries or intoxication.
  • If you use some type of psychotropic drug, paramedic drug or have some kind of addiction you should inform the Medical Team assigned to your surgery by means of an Online Consultation so that they can properly take care of your health.
  • If you have forgotten to provide any details of your medical background (illnesses, operations, medications, drugs, etc.) you must promptly inform the Medical Team assigned to your surgery using an Online Consultation.
  • You must keep a strict preoperative fasting period (nil by mouth) without eating solids, or drinking beverages or liquids, not even chewing gum or any other solid or liquid candy, as a general rule from 00:00 on the day of your operation, and always for at least 6 hours before the scheduled surgery time unless you are instructed otherwise by your Medical Team.
  • Do take the postsurgical medication and follow the instructions provided by your Medical Team; do refrain from consuming medication, receiving treatment or take actions if they have not been prescribed by the Medical Team in charge of your surgery.
  • Do immediately notify the Medical Team assigned to your surgery of any doubt, concern, issue, incident or suspicious signs and symptoms that may affect you in the postsurgical period via an Online Consultation.
  • We are not a travel agency but a clinic highly specialized in providing world class medical services in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, therefore we don't provide travel advice, support or organization which, otherwise, would significantly increase the financial burden of your treatments due to eventual intermediation fees; you are bound to organize, book and purchase all the details of the trip for yourself and your supportive companion, like long haul transport tickets (flight, train, bus, etc.), eventually car rental and planning of the routes, local connection transport (bus, metro, train, taxi, private hire car, etc), accommodation and any other.
  • You may need a visa from the immigration authorities to enter the country and the Schenguen area; seek the advice of the consular administration in order to find out the formalities required; keep in mind the visa process may take weeks and experience unforeseen delays, do apply for your visa with sufficient anticipation to guarantee you'll obtain it on time for your surgical day; you are sole responsible of being granted border entrance permit and prevent cancellation of your treatment due to this reason, which would entail a penalty fee.
  • Do bring cash or valid payment method for your expenses, like local transport, food, hotel, pharmacy medication and plasters, etc.; keep in mind most credit and debit cards have total, monthly and daily limitations, especially if used abroad, do get in touch with your bank in order to raise the limits up to suitable amounts.
  • Bring with you a device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) with full access to Internet and operative email account, web browsing, phone and camera, so that you can be in touch with the Medical Team; keep in mind SIM cards and data plans may be disabled or involve high costs if you live outside the European Union, make yourself sure you can send and receive voice, data, email, images and file transfer communications out and inbound your device.
  • You don't need to bring any special clothing, brassieres, compression garments or accessories to the day of your surgery, you'll be provided in all necessary during your hospital stay.
  • It is absolutely required you bring with you exactly the same Passport (non resident foreigner) / NIE (foreigner resident in Spain) / DNI (Spanish nationality) / National ID Card (EU nationality) and with the same Nº you uploaded during the surgery day booking process, currently valid and its expiry date be beyond your surgery day, otherwise your operation would be irremediably cancelled and penalties applied without refund; in case you change, lose or renew it before your surgery day you'll have to notice us and send us a new scanned identity page copy via the Customer Support form.
  • Keep strict bed and armchair rest and do not carry out any professional, work, sportive, sexual, leisure, touristic, sight-seeing or non authorized activities in the postsurgical period as long as the convalescence period instructed by your Medical Team (see the Facts & Figures section at your treatment); you must focus on the medical instructions only and devote to your recovery as a sole priority.
  • You should stay near the hospital and in constant company of an adult responsible for your care according to the protocol instructed by the Medical Team (see the Facts & Figures section at your treatment).


  • This protocol is of mandatory fulfilment due to valid legal regulations and ethical corporate principles, do please stick to it with exactitude at the same level of compliance you expect and demand from us, otherwise your surgery would be cancelled without refund and penalties applied.
  • Follow this protocol in order to pay the final quotation for your treatment only once you have received confirmation of your surgery day by our Sales Team; do not pay any amount until you have been told your preferred date is available for booking.
  • You are not allowed to book your surgery day unless the Plastic Surgeon has assessed, diagnosed and proposed suitable treatment for your case, either by means of Online Consultation or In Person Consultation; once you've received clearance for surgery from your Plastic Surgeon you can send the Surgery Day Booking web form applying for suitable dates to receive your treatment.
  • There is no obligation of deposit down payment in order to send your surgery day booking request nor is it a procedure admitted by us; you must firstly apply for your Surgery Day Booking and thereafter you can plan your payment using the options described below.
  • However, 100% of the price for your treatment must be paid before the surgery day deadline; hereby we let you know it is your sole and exclusive responsibility choosing a suitable and feasible payment method, handling its legal obligations, anticipating to potential restrictions and solving any issues impeding or limiting the in full payment for your treatment before the surgery day; we are not accountable of any technical, legal or financial mishaps posing an impediment to comply with this payment protocol, stay aware of this.
  • Before your surgery takes place you'll have to sign the contracts for your treatment, in which you'll have proof of the agreed final price for your treatment; invoice can be provided after your surgery has been performed, upon request via the Customer Support form.
  • In short, the order you have to follow to book and pay is as follows:
    • 1) Consultation with the Plastic Surgeon, either firstly online and then in person or directly and solely in person.
    • 2) Apply for your Surgery Day Booking.
    • 3) Await reception of your booking confirmation.
    • 4) Choose payment method and organize the financial logistic to secure your funds are received by us prior to your surgery day.
    • 5) Stick to the stages and terms of the treatment booking and payment protocol listed below.
    ACTIONS booking form 5% or greater payment 30% or greater payment 100% payment
    DEADLINES 6 months from medical clearance 4 days from booking email before surgery day before surgery day
    REBOOKINGS one none one none
    CANCELLATIONS 1% surcharge 5% surcharge 10% surcharge 10% surcharge
    • * BOOKING REQUEST stage is activated at the time surgery day booking form is sent; this stage can be activated up to a maximum of 6 months after receiving medical clearance; medical assessment must be repeated in case of being older; one surgery date rescheduling is allowed during this stage; cancellation entails a 1% surcharge; once activated this stage does not grant booking or surgery rights unless the following stages are completed.
    • * BOOKING CONFIRMATION stage is activated at the time of 5% or greater payment of total price for the treatments; this stage can be activated up to a maximum of 4 days after receiving the surgery day booking email; no surgery date rescheduling is allowed during this stage; cancellation entails a 5% surcharge; once activated this stage grants booking rights however does not grant surgery rights unless all the following stages are completed.
    • * SURGERY CONFIRMATION stage is activated at the time of 30% or greater payment of total price for the treatments; this stage can be activated at any point between receiving the surgery day booking email up to the deadline of the day before the surgery date; one surgery date rescheduling is allowed during this stage; cancellation entails a 10% surcharge; once activated this stage grants booking rights however does not grant surgery rights unless the following stage is completed.
    • * SURGERY PERFORMANCE stage is activated at the time of 100% payment of total price for the treatments; this stage can be activated at any point between receiving the surgery day booking email up to the deadline of the day before the surgery date; no surgery date rescheduling is allowed during this stage; cancellation entails a 10% surcharge; once activated this stage grants both booking and surgery rights.
    • ** ACTIONS are the requirement to be carried out in order to activate each stage; payments calculated as a percentage of total price for the treatments which have been paid in a non-reversible manner; all amounts paid are non-refundable.
    • ** DEADLINES are the time margin granted to carry out the action which activates each stage.
    • ** REBOOKINGS are the reschedulings of surgery date within the 3 months period after receiving the surgery day booking email allowed at each stage; they are subject to logistics and resources availability.
    • ** CANCELLATIONS are the penalizations applied in each stage in case of incurring into cancellation due to the unfulfillment of the deadlines and requirements for each stage, the failure to attend the appointments related to the treatments, the breach of the instructions received and/or the lack of good faith collaboration which entails an obstructionist attitude, in which case both booking and surgery rights are lost; penalty calculated as a percentage of total price for the treatments that is applied as a surcharge in case of incurring into cancellation and wishing rescheduling of surgery date within the 3 months period after receiving the surgery day booking email not losing the amounts already paid, except in the reservation request stage for which the surcharge is necessary and unlimited in time; in case of incurring into cancellation due to force majeure cause duly documented by providing the corresponding official certificates it is at the corporate discretion the assessment of its justification in order to approve or deny the rescheduling and/or cancellation without surcharge and/or the partial or total reimbursement of the amounts paid.
  • General key notes about the payment methods are:
    • a) We only accept Euros (€) as payment currency.
    • b) It is at your entire expense any bank fee or commission due to currency conversion, bank transfer, bank deposit, etc.
    • c) The choice of the payment method is entirely at your own risk based on your preferences and the recommendations issued here; do plan any suitable logistic in timely manner to prevent incurring into cancellation cause.
    • d) The recommended payment method is bank transfer since it gathers all the advantages for you, given it is featured by its ease and simplicity of execution, the maximum reliability and total security, however the funds might take up to 7 days to arrive to our corporate bank account.
    • e) The recommended method for the payment less than 7 days before the surgery day is the bank deposit into our corporate bank account, since it is immediacy featured and prevents you from incurring into cancellation cause, notwithstanding this method suffers restrictions imposed by the banking entity.
    • f) We accept although we do not recommend credit or debit card as in person payment method, due to banking entity and issuing entities of the cards setting payment limits which are usually inferior to the total price for the treatment, much especially when they are used abroad outside of your residence country, due to which you might incur into cancellation cause; in case you use credit or debit card as payment method you must firstly contact in timely manner with its issuing entity to set new usage limits allowing the payment in person, raising such limits with sufficient margin to pay the final price for your treatment and any additional expenses related to it, featuring payments inside and, if applicable, also outside your residence country; the advantage of credit or debit card payment is its immediacy, however it is featured by common mishaps, technical issues and limitations for which we are not accountable for any responsibility, you must prevent them taking the suitable actions or else choosing a more reliable payment method.
    • g) Direct cash payment handing in the funds to our staff at our facilities is the less recommendable payment method, nevertheless is one we might accept if you comply with the valid legal frame.
    • h) You can pay using only one of the accepted payment methods or use a combination of them, however cash payment, if applicable, cannot be combined with other methods due to the valid tax regulation.
Without previous approval by the Sales Team
Valid for tax residents in Spain
Valid for non tax residents in Spain
Fail-safe reliable
Immediacy of funds reception
Bureaucratic simplicity
Logistic simplicity
Transportation security
Free of bank processing fees
Payment 7 or more days before your surgery day
Payment less than 7 days before your surgery day
  • Key notes about the payment method by means of bank transfer from your personal account to our corporate bank account:
    • a) This is the payment method we strongly recommend since it is the most reliable one to prevent you from incurring into cancellation cause, has no legal restrictions, keeps your money safest, is hassle free when travelling, prevents from robbery or loss and is failsafe.
    • b) This payment method does not require previous notice for its approval by the Sales team.
    • c) It is absolutely required the bank transfer incorporates as payment concept / subject the booking code you'll receive by email in your surgery day booking confirmation notice followed by your real and legally valid name and family name as they appear in the identity document you uploaded when you booked your surgery with us; example: your name is John Smith and you receive by email the booking code OP-12345, in this case the concept / subject you must write in the payment order from your bank would be "OP-12345 John Smith".
    • d) The payment order must incorporate as account holder / payee: Cirugía Plástica y Estética S.A.P.
    • e) Our corporate bank account to which you must wire your funds is located at the Spanish financial entity Banco Sabadell (branch nº 0255, address Avenida Palma de Mallorca 21, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain), into the account with IBAN nº ES90 0081 0255 1500 0181 9790 and BIC/SWIFT code BSABESBBXXX.
    • f) When the bank transfer is ordered shortly before your surgery day the funds might not arrive to our account in a timely manner to prevent you from incurring into cancellation cause (expectable delay is 4 days in national and 7 days in international bank transfers); in such a case of close-to-surgery payment you must send via the Customer Support form the bank receipt document corresponding to the transfer for your payment, suitably mechanized and stamped at the financial institution's office which was origin of the transfer, so that the surgery day is secured; you can also hand in this transfer receipt to our staff at our facilities; Internet bank screen print out of your transfer is not a valid proof of payment.
    • g) As soon as we receive your funds into our bank account we'll send you a confirmation by email.
    • h) It is likely you have to pay a fee or commission when you perform the payment with this method.
  • Key notes about the payment method by means of cash bank deposit handed to our corporate bank account:
    • a) This is not an ideal payment method due to the restrictions imposed by the banking institution, the hassle of locating the nearest office and having to show up with your funds at a physical branch, however shares many of the bank transfer advantages and moreover enjoys the benefit of the immediacy of its effect.
    • b) Bank deposit of your cash into our corporate bank account can be made at any Banco Sabadell physical office from their nationwide network, between month days 11th and 24th, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 11:30 to 14:00 hours.
    • c) The key notes about bank deposit payment method are the same than the previously explained about bank transfer payment method ones.
  • Key notes about the in person payment method by means of credit or debit card:
    • a) This method has advantages and disadvantages you have to weigh; its main pros are the safety, the reliability, the ease, the simplicity and the immediacy, however this payment method is a common source of problems for many patients due to the restrictions set by the banking entity and the limitations imposed by the issuing entities on the credit or debit cards at the moment they are handed to their holders, being a common security practice the maximum payment amounts allowed as default are very low and impede the payment of the total price for the treatment, most of all for payments abroad.
    • b) With that said it is of a paramount importance you firstly contact with the issuing entity of the credit or debit card you wish to use as payment method, in order to request the raise of the daily and monthly limits for in person payments, unblocking its use in Spain in case your card is issued in other country, making yourself sure the new configuration for the card will allow the payment of the total price for your treatment and will save you from incurring into cancellation cause.
    • c) We inform you that our sales point terminal for in person payments with credit or debit card admits a maximum amount of 1.000,00€ per every transaction and a maximum of 3 transactions per one single day, therefore the maximum amount you may pay with this method is 3.000,00€; if the total amount of your treatment exceeds such amount you will have to use supplementary or entirely alternative payment methods.
    • d) This payment method does indeed require previous notice for its approval by the Sales team via the Customer Support form.
    • e) If you opt for in person payment at our facilities you must apply for an appointment with our Sales Team via the Customer Support form; upon your arrival you will be able to carry out the payment in the point of sales terminal you'll be offered by our staff.
    • f) You won't have to pay a fee or commission when you perform the payment with this method.
  • Key notes about the payment method by means of direct cash money handing in to our staff at our facilities:
    • a) This is the less recommendable payment method due to its legal restrictions and the risks of transporting your funds personally to our facilities, nevertheless is one we accept if you comply with the valid legal frame.
    • b) This payment method does indeed require previous notice for its approval by the Sales team via the Customer Support form.
    • c) Due to tax and financial regulations in force currently in Spain cash payments are not permitted when you are tax resident in Spain and the total price for your treatment equals to or exceeds the amount of 1.000,00€; therefore we don't admit this payment method to tax residents in Spain unless the total price for their treatment be inferior to such limit.
    • d) If you are not tax resident in Spain and you supply to us in person at our facilities or via the Customer Support form a mandatory official certificate that proves such condition, issued by your country's tax administration, the maximum limit for cash payment rises up to 10.000,00€.
    • e) In case you exceed either of the legal limits for cash payment you are necessarily bound to pay your treatment in full by means of the other payment methods we accept.
    • f) Fragmented cash payments or cash plus other methods combined payments are not allowed by the law when the total price for your treatment exceeds the aforementioned limits; this means you cannot jump the valid legal restrictions by paying cash instalments and neither pay part in cash and the rest by other methods.
    • g) You must apply for an appointment with our Sales Team via the Customer Support form to hand your cash in at our facilities.
    • h) This payment method is exempt of fees or commissions.
  • Let us inform you there is not any refund policy of the amounts paid, therefore you hereby acknowledge the payments are irreversible and with no rights of return; it is of understanding that an operation is a complex procedure involving costs, supplies orders, staff and professionals mobilization, hospital resources consumption, etc, therefore based on the former both parts, patient and company, assume an obligation of complex services.
Failure to attend the booked treatments and related appointments without a duly proven and justified force majeure reason or incurring into cancellation cause entails the loss of the amounts paid and any promotional discount, as well as the surcharges and terms corresponding to the the stages of the treatment booking and payment protocol listed above would be applied.



  • All the prices and quotations visible on our website belong to or are calculated out of the reduced price list and do already enjoy by default a -20% discount from the standard price list for our treatments as compensating remuneration for the release and transfer of the intellectual property, the rights of image, the medical records and the personal data of our patients for scientific dissemination, medical teaching, public communication, commercial promotion, advertising marketing, commercial exploitation and disclosure in general, unless they express the opposite at their surgery day booking by opting for the standard prices. External Link READ MORE ABOUT BENEFITS OF THE COLLABORATIVE MODEL
  • Our prices are quotations valid for the majority of cases operated on; notwithstanding a few cases are non standard, atypical, requiring exceptional resources and, therefore, needing customized quote calculation; do seek the advice of our Medical and Sales Teams to find out whether your case lies within the standard protocol of management, which actually is the most likely scenario.
  • Standard quotations do cover the planned protocol of management, including preoperative consultation with the surgeon, preanesthesia examination, basic preoperative tests, surgeon, anesthetist and assistant fees, planned operating room, rental time, regular intraoperative surgical supplies (materials, drugs, etc.), agreed implants (breast, etc.), one recommended postoperative garment (brassiere, corset, etc.), 1 hour recovery unit stay, individual ward room, regular hospital supplies (materials, drugs, etc.) and postoperative office-based care.
  • Not included in standard quotations are, among others, non basic preoperative tests, pre and postoperative consultant referrals for assessment, additional garments, non hospital supplies (materials, drugs, etc.), postoperative tests and any kind of postoperative re-interventions, postoperative medical or surgical emergencies and costs exceeding the planned protocol of management like unplanned, unforeseeable and unavoidable extended surgical time rental of the operating room, extended hospital stay in standard ward or Intensive Care Unit (ICU) room and all the associated costs with any hospital-based assistance of complications, medicalized repatriation, hostelry accommodation, maintenance and travel costs; we do not take account of any costs not within the scheduled treatment pre and postoperative planned and agreed management.
  • We do not offer trip packages; the patient is bound to organize and pay for any trip, accommodation, food, transport, etc.
  • Prices do include the V.A.T.
  • Prices do not include any kind of travel or revision insurance; do read about the Surgery Shield for revision surgery here should you wish to be covered in such a case.
  • Treatments are payable in Euros only; we do not accept other currencies as payment of the treatments.
  • Any currency conversion is non accurate and has indicative purposes only.
  • Combo Specials discounts are percentages of reduction applied on the retail price of the standard quotations for the treatments of the price list; these discounts are not applicable on non standard cases, customized quotations and charges not included in the standard quotations.
  • The treatments Breast implants custom XL or Breast reconstruction autologous and the Surgery Shield for any body area treament is expressly excluded from any price reduction, discount and promotion, among them the Combo Specials.
  • Combo Specials are applied and calculated for each purchase of treatments to be performed simultaneously; Combo Specials are not allowed on treatments to be performed in different anesthetic procedures or different surgical episodes; any given purchase of treatments to be performed simultaneously may include more than one Combo Special.
  • One given treatment cannot be affected by more than one discount, be it Combo Specials or other discounts; in the event of a conflict due to the coincidence of more than one Combo Specials discount affecting a given treatment, the discount that produces the greatest gross discount in favor of the patient calculated at the given treatment in conflict level will be applied.
  • The lowcostmetic's General Combo Special only applies to treatments other than those affected by treatment-specific Combo Specials at any given purchase of treatments to be performed simultaneously; for the calculation of the lowcostmetic's General Combo Special all the treatments affected by treatment-specific Combo Specials are considered a single treatment.
  • This information is indicative only and does not represent an obligation with patients or a prediction of forthcoming events, since is based on statistical means for large groups of patients, with the variability that implies, and the biased experience of medical professionals.
  • Medicine and Surgery are not exact sciences, therefore it is not possible to foretell the most likely evolution neither establish the most suitable management for each individual case until the moment the physicians can preoperatively evaluate the patient and receive feedback about the postoperative.
  • One surgical process can't be fully predictable or be rigidly scheduled on a previous protocol, so the management plan may be modified at any time based on the requirements that could be considered as necessary or most suitable.
  • Healing is an imprecise and always unpredictable process due to the uniqueness nature of each patient; even with your physician prioritising post-op patient care excellence and scar minimisation techniques and treatments your evolution and results may be likely different to the information contained on this website, therefore your physician cannot guarantee any specific scenario and outcome commitment regarding your procedures.
  • Remember that all surgery is likely to produce lasting swelling and a lifetime permanent scar, which is likely to partially evolve over approximately 12 to 18 months or longer because this is an issue of unpredictable kind; some patients may be prone to permanent swelling and bad scarring.
  • Information on our website is not a substitute for a personalised, individual consultation that includes a physical examination, history taking, a discussion of the potential risks including potential common complications, pros and cons of various procedural options, and the likely outcome expectations of your surgical procedure. Only an in-person consultation and examination can help your physician to provide you with information about what you, personally, as a unique individual, can expect.
  • Dr. Alejandro Nogueira's opinions, indications, procedures, techniques and methods of diagnosis, treatment and management change frequently as new information is available due to scientific knowledge and state-of-the-art medical practice progress; we aim to keep information updated, but it is possible that some information may have been superseded and is in process of being added to our website, therefore it may not represent Dr. Alejandro Nogueira's most current methods or protocols.
  • Any urgent matter of medical or commercial kind must be addressed through our Telephone Assistance which is operative 24/7/365 to contact with the Medical Team or through our Telephone Support which is available in office hours to contact with the Sales Team.
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