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Diagnoses & Techniques

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Techniques look up
Alar base resection alarplasty
Alar contour rim graft
Alar rim resection
Caudal septum resection
Columella lengthening
Columella strut graft
Custom made tip graft
Dorsocolumella graft
Dorsum hump resection
Dorsum plateau resection
Dorsum replacement graft
Ear cartilage graft harvesting
Excisional scar revision
Extended columella strut graft
Extended shield tip columella graft
Hematoma evacuation
Intercrural columella plasty sutures
Interdomal tip plasty sutures
Lateral cruras batten graft
Lateral cruras caudal extension graft
Lateral cruras cephalic resection
Lateral cruras cross location
Lateral cruras custom made graft
Lateral cruras lengthening graft
Lateral cruras plasty sutures
Lateral cruras replacement graft
Lateral cruras repositioning
Lateral cruras reverse plasty
Lateral cruras shortening resection
Lateral cruras strut graft
Medial cruras custom made graft
Medial cruras lengthening graft
Medial cruras replacement graft
Medial cruras shortening resection
Nasal bones osteotomies
Nostril sill resection
Onlay columella graft
Onlay dorsum graft
Onlay radix graft
Onlay supratip graft
Onlay tip graft
Open approach incision
Puss evacuation
Radix resection
Rib cartilage graft harvesting
Septal cartilage graft harvesting
Septocolumella graft
Septum caudal extension graft
Septum replacement graft
Seroma evacuation
Shield tip graft
Spreader graft
Temporalis fascia graft harvesting
Tip defatting
Tip replacement graft
Tongue in groove columella setback
Transdomal tip plasty scoring
Transdomal tip plasty sutures
Triangular cartilages caudal extension graft
Triangular cartilages caudal resection