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Nose Airway

Nose Airway



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Nose Airway | Septoplasty | Functional Rhinoplasty | Breathing Rhinoplasty | Septum Job

Nose Airway The procedures used to improve the breathing function of the nasal septum in Cosmetic Surgery are known as Septoplasty. On occasions also an operation is simultaneously performed to improve shape, remodelling the nasal shape, known as Rhinoplasty. When this procedure is carried out at the same time as the nasal treatment it is called Rhinoseptoplasty.

Medical Philosophy

Nasal septum is the wall that divides the nasal fossa in two different channels for breathing; this wall is made of cartilage in the external part and bone deep inside; these pieces may be deviated, have prominences, angles, which jam the airway or make the breathing impaired.

Septoplasty cannot be said to be one specific kind of intervention. There are several different kinds of small surgical applications with different effects that, wisely combined by our Specialists, produce an aligned nasal septum and clear airway passing for every patient. It must be clearly stated that septum disorders are not solely the cause or breathing difficulties, since many other medical pathologies and structural abnormalites may underlie to functional problems of the nose.


The function of the septum is mainly respiratory with little structural influence on the shape of the external nose, if any it could be said the septum has support function to the tip and shapes the lower part of the nasal dorsum, therefore septoplasty is mainly a functional procedure. Excludes treatment of nose shape which would require the addition of a Rhinoplasty, and the repair of multioperated noses or posttraumatic noses that lie within the Secondary or Revision Rhinoplasty group of treatments.

Commercial Philosophy

We are fully aware of the importance for the patients to feel satisfied with their nasal breathing, both in their own personal being and in their world around them. That is why we have designed a product so that a septoplasty can be within reach of any person who needs repair to the septum, irrespective of their financial possibilities. Finally, there is available to the general public the best offer of septal surgery in terms of price/quality. Without compromising results or guarantees we allow any person to have the possibility of seeing their dreams come true, without it representing an unviable economic outlay.

Septoplasty Technical Datasheet

Surgical time  
1 hour
Hospital stay  
day case
Proximity stay  
1 day
Postoperative pain  
2 (scale from 1 to 5)
Postoperative bandages  
nasal dressing 4 days
Sick leave  
4 days
Complementary treatments  
not required
Cosmetic recovery  
1 month 80%, 3 months 90%, 6 months 95%, 12 months 100%
inside the nose, non-visible; between the nostrils when open approach, scarcely perceptible

This information is indicative only and does not represent an obligation with customers. This technical datasheet is based in statistical means for large groups of patients, with the variability that implies. Medicine and Surgery are not exact Sciences so it is not possible to stablish the most suitable management for each individual case until the moment the Specialist can evaluate the patient. One medical and/or surgical process can't be predictable 100%, so our Medical Team could modify the management plan at any time, based on the requirements that could be considered as necessary.

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