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Inaccuracies and falsehoods in Cosmetic Surgery

We are aware of the enormous discrepancies of criteria that abound between different specialists, centres or companies, when concentrating on Cosmetic Surgery and each one of its treatments. As a medical activity in the Private Health Sector, the conflict of interests between the commercial world and the ethical problem does not always lie on the side of safety, professionalism or in the interests of the patient. This situation creates an enormous lack of confidence in the patient wishing to have Cosmetic Surgery treatment. Our philosophy is very clear. The patients are always first, their interests and their needs, in conjunction with the efficiency and safety of our treatments. To this end the medical facet of our activity is supreme. However, in contrast to our practice, many other centres or professionals offer information that is inexact, slanted, market oriented or even completely false and self interested, practising dangerous procedures that are ineffective or obsolete. To prevent unscrupulous actions we list a series of statements that, in our opinion, are inadequate, deceptive, or mere lies, that are frequently used at other centres to manipulate the wishes of the patient to a commercial and unethical end. Some of these are even popular among the very clients of these centres of Cosmetic Surgery, and become the regular thoughts and petitions of these same clients. Naturally, we completely rejects all the statements that can be read under the title of Inaccuracies and Falsehoods for every group of our treatments.

How long do I have to stay in the hospital after the operation?

This depends on the medical assessment performed by our Medical Team on every individual patient and particular case, however you can obtain a quite approximate and realistic estimate reading the Technical Datasheet for your treatments.

How soon do airlines let me fly back home after my operation?

We strongly recommend you contact with your airline their particular regulations to avoid any inconveniences for your planned return trip.

Are your safety standards reliable at such low prices?

Many patients wonder if our prices allow ensuring the highest quality in our treatments, surprised by the price differences in the market of Cosmetic Surgery. To us safety, quality and reliability of our treatments are always the priority, ensuring the highest sanitary standards. Today this is possible without giving up offering competitive prices thanks to online business models on the Internet, Telemedicine and economies of scale only possible to market leaders.
-Our operations are performed only in first class private hospitals, fully equipped with modern Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency 24 hours, diagnostics Laboratory and Radiology, multidisciplinary medical teams and any resources that may be necessary before an event.
-The implants and products used for our treatments are approved by National and European Health Administrations, include the manufacturer's warranty and are top quality.
-All our patients are always operated by the same Plastic Surgeon making the first consultation with the patient, who will inform you personally of all the details of your treatment.
-Particularized information about your treatment can only be offered when the Plastic Surgeon has known your wishes and studied your anatomy, which is done by means of Online Consultation and On Premise Consultation in person.
-Many cosmetic problems can be treated with various alternative methods and techniques, each option will have advantages and disadvantages that should be considered by you with the advice, supervision and approval of the Plastic Surgeon, who will be responsible for providing all the details required for your best and most suitable decision.
-The final budget can not be calculated until the most appropriate treatment for your needs has not been determined.
-All our patients undergo a rigorous health care and assistance quality control for treatments to be safely performed.
-A thorough check is performed preoperatively designed to suit each patient according to the criteria of the A.S.A. (American Society of Anesthesiology), which may consist of complete blood tests, coagulation, biochemistry, electrocardiogram, radiology, ultrasound, thyroid tests, liver tests , kidney tests, spirometry, etc.
-In the pre-anesthesia On Premise Consultation patients are checked personally by the Anesthetist who will perform the treatment personally, who will be able to discuss the details of anesthesia (mode, duration, safety, etc.).
-The Anesthetist will stay by the patient throughout the duration of the surgical procedure without leaving the operating room or other simultaneous activities. Likewise, the Anesthetist will handle the post-anesthetic recovery and any subsequent need.
-The Plastic Surgeon will attend any pre and postoperative incidence with our entire team, with the staff on duty and reachable for patients.
-Patients have a dual system of urgent medical attention postoperative, phone and online, as well as on premise to which they can turn to if necessary.
-Personalized postoperative dressings and nursery assistances, controls and checks are performed, based on the type of treatment, its development and the needs of each patient, until the case gets the final discharge.

Can I purchase additional hospital stay beyond the one included in the price for my treatment?

Yes. If you wish extend your hospital stay for your better comfort or to ease your recovery let us know and our Sales Department will provide full support.

How long do I have to stay near your facilities after the operation?

This depends on the medical assessment performed by our Medical Team on every individual patient and particular case, however you can obtain a quite approximate and realistic estimate reading the Technical Datasheet for your treatments.

If a centre is cheaper is it as safe?

Yes. Safety measures are guaranteed in all our facilities. If the prices are cheaper in certain centres it is due to marketing concepts, commercial agreements and negotiations per volume of patients, but never because medical guarantees are compromised.

Where should I stay near your facilities after the operation?

Any affordable accommodation nearby our facilities at a distance from them not further than 1 hour by car drive.

Is the On Premise Consultation with the Specialists mandatory?

Yes. You must undergo On Premise Consultation with our Specialists (Surgeon and Anesthetist) before the operation is carried out.

Is the Online Consultation with the Specialist mandatory?

No. You can perform a free Online Consultation with the Specialist using the functionalities of our website. This step is not mandatory however is strongly recommended even if you live in Spain.

Which are the postoperative recommendations?

-Manage your accommodation less than 1 hour away to the hospital for surgery during the period of stay in close proximity thereto as instructed by your Plastic Surgeon (estimate in the Technical Datasheet for your treatment).
-Stay in constant company of an adult responsible for your care and arrange for private transportation means.
-Activate your mobile phone for roaming services during your stay in Spain.
-Provide yourself computer and telematic means for Online Consultation and send images to your Plastic Surgeon: PC, Windows Vista or Windows 7 with all updates installed, web browser Internet Explorer version 8, Internet access, digital camera, cables connection between the camera and the computer, software and camera drivers installed on your computer, access to your email account, phone, etc.
-Refrain from consuming medication, receiving treatment or take actions if they have not been prescribed by the physicians in charge of your surgery.
-Notify the physicians assigned to your surgery any doubt, incident or situation that disturbs you postoperatively, via an Online Consultation, with urgent priority as estimated, illustrating your status by images when necessary.
-Keep strict bed rest at home, without going outside or household or work activities, with the degree of physical immobility and during the convalescence period requested by your surgeon.
-During the period of house partially relative rest follow the patterns of your surgeon and not get incorporated into your regular work until receiving express permission.

Will I be adequately informed?

With us you can find the best information, because our philosophy is to help our clients. We know we shall only gain your confidence if you feel sure that the attention given has been entirely in your interests, which have also become ours.

Which are the preoperative recommendations?

-The preoperative period begins 2 weeks before surgery.
-In the preoperative period you should not consume aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid and derivatives), anti-inflammatory drugs, vasodilators and as a general rule any medication or active substances (drug therapy, naturopathic, homeopathic, supplements, herbal, etc.) not authorized by the physicians in charge of your surgery; if you have doubts send an inquiry online and ask.
-The patient should inform by means of an Online Consultation about any health problem, medical care or treatment received.
-First ask by means of an online consultation and then act as medically you have been advised, do not do it the other way round, do not indiscriminately consume medication prescribed by physicians other than those responsible for your surgery or treat yourself.
-Try not to think obsessively on your treatment during the preoperative period, do not spend time reading websites in an addictive fashion, turn from your surgical fears and mind busy with work, soft sport, leisure, friends and family.
-Perform a healthy, abundant and varied nutrition, do not diet.
-If you smoke you should not discontinue or reduce consumption of tobacco, because withdrawal symptoms of smoking are highly detrimental and because the effects on tissues last many years, quitting in the preoperative period would be an useless and harmful decision.
-Alcohol is not absolutely prohibited in the preoperative period, however you must not take a excessive consumption or incurring in alcoholism.
-If you use some type of psychotropic drug, paramedic drug or have some kind of addiction you should inform the physicians assigned to your surgery so that they can properly take care of your health.
-If you have forgotten to provide any details of your medical background (illnesses, operations, medications, drugs, etc.) you must promptly inform the physicians assigned to your surgery using an Online Consultation.
-You must keep a strict preoperative fasting period without eating solids, or liquids, or eat gum or candy or any other solid or liquid candy, as a rule from 00:00 on the day of your operation, and always for at least 8 hours before the scheduled surgery time.

How to choose a Plastic Surgeon and Anesthetist?

Once the legal requisites have been fulfilled to perform Plastic Surgery in Spain and the European Union, the interest of the patient is to be attended by good doctors. We select only the best Specialists to attend their patients, based on the excellent results of the doctor, his/her high level of performance and professional experience.

Can I be your patient and client if I live far from your centres?

We shall be delighted to arrange whatever details are required. We can arrange for our services from a long distance consultation, both medical and commercial. Many of our patients come from afar and enjoy our organizational facilities. You'll enjoy a complete pre and postoperative attention, initially with stay close to our centres, and later at your residence area.

How long should I wait between two surgical procedures?

When a patient has to undergo 2 or more different operations separatedly, for Cosmetic Surgery or any other speciality, recommended waiting period is a minimum of 1 to 3 months when they are done on different anatomical areas, and 6 to 12 months for the same body region.

What attitude should I take if my result is unsatisfactory?

The best attitude is not to form too precipitate an opinion, as certain situations may seem totally incomprehensible to the patient that we, in Medicine, know exist, and that the patient could be guided to mistaken conclusions. The first thing to do is to advise the surgeon who performed the operation of the situation, asking him/her to evaluate the results and an explanation for them, because sometimes the result is the procedure has been performed correctly. Your surgeon is the one who can best be aware of the reasons why the result is unsatisfactory and is therefore the first person for you to talk to. In Medicine, which is not an exact science, when an unexpected or conflictive situation arises it is vital to have a second opinion. We offer you an evaluation without obligation by our Specialists with wide experience in problematic cases of Cosmetic Surgery.

What time of year is best for an operation?

From a medical point of view no time of year is necessarily more or less recommendable for any of our treatments. In spite of the popular belief that summer is not recommended for Cosmetic Surgery, which is not only untrue, the summer is one of the busiest periods for requesting an appointment in our operating theatre waiting list.

How often do I have to come to your facilities to perform On Premise Checkups after the operation?

This depends on the medical assessment performed by our Medical Team on every individual patient and particular case, however you can expect that all the postoperative management can be efficiently carried out by means of Online Checkups with no need for further visits to our facilities, unless the Medical Team considers that the costs and disturbance that the trip might produce to you are strictly necessary or essential.

Can I travel alone to your facilities or I'd rather get my treatment done accompanied with someone?

We strongly recommend at least one companion when you travel to receive your treatments in our facilities, however some patients come and return by themselves alone with no hesitation or issues.

Should I contract a travel insurance?

Yes. It is strongly recommended that you get a travel insurance during your trip to your facilities.

Can I view pictures from your patients with the results of your surgeries?

It is not ethical nor legal publishing or sending by email pictures from patients with results. You, as a potential patient, may surely understand that yourself wouldn't like this situation with your own pictures without your agreement or control.

The simulations visible at our website are "real", this means they have been developed by infography experts who had access to many real results from us to found their creative work with the ""before"" and ""after"" status, so their approximation to what the patient may expect is a very close one.

Even real pictures are not the illustration of you particular case, showing only what other patients obtained from the treatments, with the differences and particular issues of every one. Each case at us is considered individually, the treatment is planned and designed seeking maximum safety and best results, avoiding any kind of surgical routine.

Finally only the Specialist is the one who always can estimate the real objectives achievable with every surgery.

Should I purchase additional hospital stay if I travel alone to your facilities to get my treatment done?

We strongly recommend that you extend your hospital stay if you travel alone to receive your treatments in our facilities, however some patients come and return by themselves alone consuming the basic hospital stay included in the treatments package with no hesitation or issues.

What should I demand when I undergo a Cosmetic Surgery treatment?

All operations must be performed by a Specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery, with the presence of a Specialist in Anesthesia and Resuscitation, in a fully equipped operating theatre. Both the operating theatre and the hospitalization area must be fully authorised for surgical assistance, with the due support systems.

Can I have an operation on the day my period is due?

Yes, there is no interaction between menstruation and any of our treatments.

When do the stitches need removal?

In the majority of procedures our Specialists use premium quality resorbable stitches to ease the postoperative care and improve patient's comfort. Modern resorbable stitches over the skin perform with top cosmetic quality minimizing risks. With them there is no need for painful nursery removal of stitches. In the rare cases that any non-resorbable stitches are applied the patient may get them easily removed 1 to 3 weeks after the operation.

Is it possible for the operation to be touched up?

A small percentage of cases require a final touch up with additional costs for the patient. Our Specialists are working with live tissue that can present varying degrees of change over a period of time, and in certain cases a small correction is sometimes required several months after the original operation. These interventions are usually not so difficult, with few repercussions to the patient. We want to achieve the best possible result in all treatments.

How often do I have to perform Online Checkups after the operation?

This depends on the medical assessment performed by our Medical Team on every individual patient and particular case.

Will I be told the truth?

Clients consulting with us can rest assured that a medical criterion prevails, and that they will be treated as patients of a service dedicated to health improvement.

The medical aspects established by the Specialists form the criterion by which the commercial aspect is conditioned.

We value more the reliability of our product than the sales techniques as an absolute value. We know that our prestige is highly regarded by our clients and therefore, we do not hesitate to go against commercial criteria and defend the quality of our treatments.

We will always advise what is best for the patient, even if this means the patient not undergoing a treatment with us.

What can I do if I need postoperative attention or suffer a medical emergency?

We put at the disposal of the patient an urgent medical postoperative assistance system, which consists in a telephone number and a web-based application formulary, both accessible from our website, all of them communicating with the Medical Team. The patient is compromised to a proper use of the before mentioned system, and should use it for any query, consultation or need for medical assistance before the operation or during the postoperative period. We assume no responsibility in the case the patient attends any other source, person or organization for medical attention, different from the system hereby mentioned, or in the case the patient takes any decision under his/her own or third persons/parties criterion. The urgent medical postoperative assistance system may not be operative due to reasons beyond the our control, or also the communication might not be possible if the Medical Team is temporarily busy or unavailable, under which circumstances the patient is compromised to repeat the communication attempt as many times as required to obtain the suitable medical attention, resorting alternatively and equally either to the telephone number as well as the web formulary. The patient accepts and understands that telephony offers certain degree of immediacy for the attention but lacks visual data performance, and the web-based formulary provides a delayed way of communication in terms of the reception of the messages though offers the best information since allows sending image files, thus corresponds to the patient selecting the most suitable method to request medical attention, depending on the type of assistance that might be necessary. Only in the case of extreme need and impossibility of reaching the Medical Team, the patient must go to the Health Centre where the operation was performed.

What treatments do you consider inadvisable?

For different reasons we do not perform certain treatments considering that they do not fulfil the internal regulations and philosophy regarding quality and safety we like to offer our patients. Other treatments are recommended by our team of Specialists, but before the operation we meticulously select the most suitable cases. In general, the following treatments are excluded from our portfolio:

-Brachioplasty or arm lifting, which is rejected because of leaving unacceptable scars along the arm and by the elbow and prevents patients from fulfilling their wish to be able to wear short sleeves without any complexes.
-Buttock lifting, leaving enormous scars and is a very aggressive operation.
-Enlargement in buttock muscle through implants. This is a region that frequently has to support the weight of the body and also has a very strong muscular contraction, which makes the level of failure at short or mid term too high to be considered a reliable treatment.
-Calf enlargement with normal or hypertrofic muscles, we only recommend as a consequence of nervous paralysis, postrauma atrophy, degenerative or congenital conditions, as this is a muscular contraction region.
-Endoscopic facial lifting, as the result is worse and not as long lasting as techniques without an endoscope, these latter techniques having been scrupulously tested and the incisions are minute.
-Facial lipofilling or filling. Nowadays it is known that this treatment only lasts a few months and also creates a grotesque appearance to the face.
-Facial filling with permanent or long lasting synthetic materials, that with the passing of the years, has a migratory or problematic effect or, in some cases, the consequences to date are not even known.
-Ultrasonic liposuction, that shows no advantages in practice in relation to traditional liposuction. It is also very dangerous sometimes producing irreversible consequences.
-Liposuction in unsuitable body regions such as arms, breasts, buttocks, anterior thighs, ankles and calves.
-And all untested techniques, including those that are unforeseen, unsafe, insufficient or excessively aggressive.

Are there any risks with the anesthesia?

Without doubt the safest anesthetic technique in healthy people and in the majority of operations in Cosmetic Surgery is a general anesthetic. This technique provides the highest degree of control over the situation regarding the patient.

A false sentiment exists in many patients that local anesthetic is safer than general anesthetic. In general, this opinion is incorrect, for local anesthetic is high risk in surgery that affects large areas or determined parts of the anatomy.

Local anesthetic substances are not innocuous, and over and above certain doses, which may be necessary in extensive areas of treatment, can produce serious and irreversible complications. Furthermore, application on a large area can only be achieved by causing a lot of pain to the patient and a complete blocking out of sensibility can never be obtained. This requires additional anesthetic resources to be applied with scant control through not having been correctly planned.

In the same way, many patients may believe that if their treatment requires an overnight or long stay in the hospital it must be safer or they are receiving better attentionless aggressive. This is one of the most dangerous deceptions a person can fall victim to at other centres.

Only at a hospital can the care, medication and vigilance required in the immediate postoperative phase be provided in order to avoid complications or find the correct solution. All forms of anesthesia may be safe or dangerous, dependent on the appropriate application being given in the correct instance. But also it is a well known scientific fact that early discharge from hospital and the sooner the patients leaves the sanitary facilities the rate of infections and other complications is dramatically reduced.

We follow the principle of establishing maximum guarantees using the less invasive and less hazardous postoperative management, selecting the combination that offers most safety to our patients, only taking into consideration medical factors.

How can I manage my consultation with the Specialist?

You can perform an Online Medical Consultation and also a On Premise Medical Consultation at our facilities. Both options are equally valid, so that you can opt for the one that suits you better to begin with, but always performing On Premise contact with the Specialists, surgeon and anesthetist. Please understand that you can receive an exact quotation for your treatment only when our Specialists have performed a favourable evaluation for your case and stablished the best operation and the overall procedure management.

Is it necessary to be hospitalised?

It depends on the operation and the anesthetic that has been administered. It can vary from between a few minutes for sedation techniques, few hours in medium surgeries under general anesthetic to stays of between 1 or more nights in Hospital for major surgeries, depending on the procedure. The hospital stay is always established regarding the maximum guarantees for the patient.

Is yours a medical services product?

Above all we offer medical services dedicated to the improvement in the health of its patients, by means of the latest treatments in Cosmetic Surgery. We can be considered to have the same level of commitment as any health company or private health insurance. The client engages a particular service and becomes our patient, evolving from a commercial relationship into a true medical concept. The doctor-patient relationship is what motivates all our actions.

When can the results be seen?

The change in shape of the operated area is practically immediate, and the patient can perceive differences on removing the first bandage. The postoperative bruising and swelling conceal the result for the first month. A certain residual oedema and adaptation process can persist on a constant or intermittent basis for several months and sometimes beyond one year.

Can more than one treatment be performed at any one time?

It will all depend on the evaluation that our Medical Team give in each case. It is frequently possible to perform more than one technique simultaneously, resulting in a significant economic saving, also a saving in time and inconvenience for our patients.

What are your Frequently Asked Questions in Cosmetic Surgery?

The FAQs is an application that allows the user to perform search queries within the most common questions and answers stored regarding the queries submitted long the years by patients and customers seeking, as you do now, to solve their questions and issues with the help of our medical and commercial agents. You can search for Solutions in different ways:
-Browsing the different categories within the FAQs
-Using the search field and guided search engine, which provides matching accuracy to the content of the query performed
-In a combined method, starting with the selection of the category within the FAQs that you consider suitable, and performing a search query inside that category with the search engine of the application

Who is going to perform my operation?

All our treatments are performed by our professionals. They will always be Specialists in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reparative Surgery, with the presence of a Specialist in Anesthesia and Resuscitation in the operating theatre, and with a team of however many assistants needed in each requirement. The patient will be interviewed, prior to the operation, by the Specialists, Surgeon and Anesthetist responsible in each case.

How do you avoid complications?

Our philosophy is to offer safety. To this end we practise pre-selection of cases and only propose treatments for those cases that can depend on the highest level of guarantee of success. We individually establish the means required for each procedure in order for it to be safe. If we feel this is not possible, we tell the patient, providing them with full information with the reasons why we do not recommend the operation.

Will 24-hour medical attention be available?

Continuous attention is essential in any medical service, and it is a fundamental part of our quality. We have a 24/7 duty team, every day of the year, including all necessary professionals to resolve any incident that may arise. Also our health centres are operative at all times, including the emergency departments, the operating theatres and the intensive care units.

When can I work after the operation?

It is variable and really depends on the type of job, of the technique used in the operation and how it has developed. But in broad terms there is a margin of between few days and some weeks of inactivity. The best option is to take sick leave, holidays or a combination of both. Our Specialists can establish a closer estimate in each individual case.

What can I do if a treatment is not on your list of services?

It is not because our professionals cannot perform the treatment. The information offered by us is generic and refers to the most popularly requested treatments by our patients and those treatments we feel the market most demand from our packages. On many occasions the technique requested or required in a particular case is only infrequently performed and does not fall into the description of any of the treatments offered in our information. Equally, if a patient requires Reparative Surgery, it can be performed by our Specialists. Do not hesitate to contact us about your case at no cost or obligation. We will surely find the answer.

What can I use the web formulary for?

The web formulary is the application at our website in which the whole relationship between our customers and both the Medical Team and the Sales Department is centralized, offering medical as well as commercial support to the patients and customers. Through the web formulary you can:

-Book your treatment and request reservation
-Organize the logistics for your treatment
-Register queries and consultations, both medical or commercial
-Upload images to allow the Medical Team evaluate your treatment or situation

Is there any relation between the duration of an operation and its safety?

Within a wide margin and in a healthy patient, it can be said that the duration of a Cosmetic Surgery operation is not a fundamental factor in establishing its safety. What is much more important is the health of the patient and their medical history. In any case the spectrum of modifications is so broad that only the criterion of the Specialists can define each case. We never perform operations that imply an added risk to our patients.

What kind of place is best for me to have a Cosmetic Surgery operation?

Maximum guarantees for any operation are to be found in the private Hospitals in which we perform our treatments. In a Hospital we have at our disposal all the medical Specialties and requisite health resources to cover any necessities that could arise.

Can I have an operation if I have a chronic health problem?

It will depend on the kind of illness, the control over this illness, the age of the patient and the kind of treatment requested. Our Medical Team will study each case in detail, and will always strive for the greatest guarantees of success. Frequent symptoms such as hypertension, asthma, thyroid problems or diabetes, among others, can be perfectly compatible with Cosmetic Surgery.

Who are your Specialists and which are their certifications and credentials?

-General Practitioner
-Specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
-National Registry of Titles: nº 2000073967
-Physician Registered at the Spanish Medical Association (Organización Médica Colegial - O.M.C.): nº 293308942
-Member of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery (Sociedad Española de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reparadora - S.E.C.P.R.E.): nº 574

DR. MAR SALMONES – Anesthetist
-General Practitioner
-Specialist in Anethesiology and Resuscitation
-National Registry of Titles: nº 1998210114
-Physician Registered at the Spanish Medical Association (Organización Médica Colegial - O.M.C.): nº 293904729
-Miembro of the Spanish Society of Anethesiology and Resuscitation (Sociedad Española de Anestesiología y Reanimación - S.E.D.A.R.): nº 3731

How are your anesthesia protocols?

We are aware that our work consists in offering safety to patients requiring Cosmetic Surgery at a top level. We therefore totally reject deceitful, dishonest, unsafe and painful anesthetic practices.

It may seem paradoxical or contrary to habitual practice, but local anesthetic implies an enormous risk in certain operations, such as major facial surgery, breast and abdomen surgery or in large liposuctions, and, in spite of this risk, local anesthetic is used in many centres with little professionalism and excessive commercialism.

We have established a protocol that offers the highest levels of safety and comfort in each treatment, which we then adapt to every particular case if necessary, evaluating exclusively queries of a medical nature:
-General Anesthetic: Rejuvenation of face and neck, full nose rhinoplasty, osseous genioplasty, breast surgery, extensive liposuction, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, in general for any kind of major and combined surgery.
-Local Anesthetic with associated Sedation: eyelids, ears, cheek and chin implants, tip of the nose, small liposuctions, small retouches, in general for any kind of minor and simple surgery.

Should I avoid the sun after the operation?

No. Once the initial postoperative period has been completed the patient can live a normal life. Our Specialists only recommend the use of a high factor protective sun cream on incision areas for the months following the operation. This precaution will help to avoid permanent pigmentation and should be applied during all seasons of the year as long as the scars look red or pink.

Is the postoperative stage painful?

Our Medical Team performs treatments designed to cause patients the least amount of pain. In the postoperative stage effective analgesics are administered that calm the pain, especially during the first week after the operation when there is the most inflammation. In general, the operations that we perform are not specially painful and the postoperative period evolves usually without causing the patient any difficulties. If any postoperative is remarkable due to pain, it is the one after breast augmentation, as a consequence of implant placement under tight skin, mainly concentrated the first four days after surgery.

How long do scars take to heal?

All scars pass through a phase known to Specialists as the maturing stage, during which time they are active and can look somewhat reddened and can itch. The process is variable in each patient, between 6 and 12 months as an estimation, but, with time, the scars become progressively more normal until they reach their best aspect.

Must I have check ups?

As with any medical or surgical treatment. We apply a meticulous on premise and online protocol in terms of dressings and early and subsequent check ups for our patients. These are more frequent during the first month and then become more staggered over a period of between 6 to 12 months. This period to be prolonged if required.

When can I practise sports after the operation?

As a general rule, depending on the treatment and its evolution, sports are permitted between 2 and 4 weeks after the operation. Following consultation with our Specialist, the patient can feel more secure with a more precise estimate.

Where are the postoperative check ups carried out?

Each patient embarks on a strict follow up procedure after the operation. As a general rule this procedure is practised in the same health centre where the operation has taken place. In those patients living far from us, a mixed protocol of attention, both personal and online, is stablished beforehand. These cases may require local nursery assistance at their area of residence, at patient's charge.

Who undertakes the postoperative follow-up?

We totally look after our patients for any attention they may require. Our team of Specialists, Doctors and Nurses will care for all post operative patients at all times, to follow procedures of dressings, care of wounds, changing of bandages etc. and also to continue giving the most suitable postoperative instructions according to the individual case. In those patients living far from us, a mixed protocol of attention, both personal and online, is stablished beforehand. These cases may require local nursery assistance at their area of residence, at patient's charge.

Why can I be deceived at other centres regarding my Cosmetic Surgery operation?

Be very careful with false expectations, deceptions and miraculous recuperations. We are Specialists and we search for the best for our patients. In many centres operations are performed by doctors who state it is not necessary to be a Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist to perform this treatment, or that it is not really surgery; they accept unsuitable cases or those running a high risk and they even perform the procedure in consulting rooms or pseudo operating theatres, without support system installations, or in day clinics so that patients do not stay in a real hospital long enough to recuperate safely. They may also suggest doing the operation with only a local anesthetic, even without anesthetist or sedative back up, without conducting preoperative tests, returning home a short while after the operation with a view to working the next day. Beware! Look for seriousness and safety, demand specialists, treatment in an operating theatre and the presence of an anesthetist, rely on our conservative and safe practices.

Where will the incisions be made?

The areas chosen by our Specialists to make the incisions are determined by technical reasons, always striving for them to be as small and discreet as possible. Each operation and each case is different and it will be your surgeon who will advise you on this aspect of your treatment.

Do the results of an operation last for life?

Two groups of treatments exist when determining the duration of the effects from Cosmetic Surgery. The first group comprises operations designed to modify the shape of certain parts of the anatomy, the results of which can be considered as stable in terms of time. Treatments used to correct the effects of the passing of the years that can manifest itself in different ways, has a duration period relating to the aging speed of each person. It must be remembered that the natural aging process cannot be prevented or halted, but it can be slowed or its effects can be removed by the effective treatments we offer to our patients.

Who is legally authorised in Spain to perform Cosmetic Surgery operations?

Cosmetic Surgery operations must be performed by Specialists in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, holders of a duly authorised national official title, who are able to verify these credentials to the patient.

Will I receive the most suitable operation for me?

With us the patient is sure that his/her case will be evaluated on an individual basis and that the most effective and successful techniques will be applied to achieve satisfaction. Only medical criteria will establish the techniques involved in each case, without any other kind of interference.

Which hospital is best?

All the centres supervised by us offer the same guarantees for performing Cosmetic Surgery treatments as we do. If we are established in a Hospital it is because it is best for our patients. The differences are structural, the edifice itself, image or accommodation and also location.

Why is it better to avoid the "latest innovations" in Cosmetic Surgery?

If we bear in mind that we are speaking about the health of a person who is going to undergo a surgical operation without being ill, it is easy to understand that it is even more important to guarantee the safety and the results of each treatment. We believe that any technique or novelty introduction into Cosmetic Surgery should go through a series of practical applications until it is determined that it can be guaranteed before we would offer it to our patients. Only after a prudent amount of time can the consequences, benefits and long-term results be fully known regarding a surgical technique.

Can I achieve the best results?

Ours is a product at the highest level in Cosmetic Surgery. The best result that can be aspired to nowadays is available with us. This is possible thanks to the highest quality of the product and to the excellent professionals that form our Medical Team.

When does the operated region return to normal?

The social recuperation of the patient is fairly similar to the work leave. It will depend on each case, but we can talk of normalization returning some weeks after the operation. The technical and individual factors used by our Specialists to resolve this process are many. Total recuperation of the treated area is achieved several months on and sometimes beyond one year.

Inaccuracies and falsehoods in General Concepts

It is not necessary to be a Specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reparative Surgery or in Anesthesia to perform these operations - FALSE
It is not necessary to have a foreign title as a Specialist officially recognised in Spain and the European Union in order to practise Plastic Surgery in Spain or in the European Union - FALSE
Many years experience of performing operations qualifies a person to continue practising even if they do not have a medical title - FALSE
Any plastic surgeon is qualified to perform all the operations, however difficult - FALSE
All plastic surgeons have the same professional level and the same honesty - FALSE
A doctor is never going to put my health or my life in danger, especially if he/she is a specialist - FALSE
A doctor never lies particularly if he/she is a specialist - FALSE
A doctor is never going to perform risky treatments solely to earn more money - FALSE
Cosmetic Surgery is performed differently to other specialties because it is different - FALSE
At any Cosmetic Surgery centre I shall be attended to outside working hours if necessary - FALSE
Our prices are higher therefore we are better - FALSE
If you are charged less it is because the service is worse or they have fewer facilities - FALSE

Inaccuracies and falsehoods in Medical Concepts

It is just as safe to have an operation not in an operating theatre or if the operating theatre is in a centre that is not a hospital - FALSE
It is always better to spend a night in the clinic - FALSE
An operation does not contain any risks - FALSE
Two treatments cannot be performed together - FALSE
Any number of treatments desired by the patient can be performed, without limit - FALSE
The treatment can always be what the patient wants, because it is Cosmetic Surgery - FALSE
If a Specialist refuses to perform the operation requested by the patient it is because he/she does not know how to do it - FALSE
No scars remain in Cosmetic Surgery - FALSE
Scars fade with time, by laser or with other treatments - FALSE
Shape and size of pairs of organs such as ears, eyelids, sides of face, breasts, legs, etc. can be levelled equally 100%. - FALSE

Where are the treatments performed?

We only perform surgical procedures in top quality private hospitals, authorised to perform Cosmetic Surgery. These are centres equipped with the best human resources and materials, where different Medical Specialities and Support Units are available if required.

Do your surgeons use safe techniques?

Yes. Our team of Specialists only performs those surgical techniques that are supported by the international scientific community, and that have already been in practice for a minimum period of 5 to 10 years, depending on the degree of innovation or variation in respect of other previously existing techniques. With a view to improving the quality of our professional activity, we only perform the procedures that offer maximum reliability. Our Specialists are constantly updating their knowledge through courses and congresses, in order to access the latest advances in their field.

Is there any incompatibility between pregnancy and Cosmetic Surgery?

As a general rule it is advisable for between 3 to 6 months to elapse following a pregnancy prior to undergoing an operation. It is also advisable to avoid getting pregnant for at least between 6 to 12 months after an operation. In any case, this topic can be discussed in consultation with our Specialists.

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