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Face and Neck Lifting

Face and Neck Lifting

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Face and Neck Lifting The Cervicofacial Lifting is a Cosmetic Surgery treatment which in overall covers the whole rejuvenation of the middle portion of the face, the jawline and the neck by means of modern muscular and tradicional cutaneous techniques.

Medical Philosophy

The sagging of the face and neck, especially around the most lateral areas, is the most noticeable sign of aging in the majority of people. It produces the effect of “saggy face”, “jowls”, "turkey neck" and a look of "elderness", commonly with the patient presenting many other signs of the passage of time in the upper face or eyelids, such as wrinkles, flaccidity or sagging of tissue. Once the face and neck lifting is the given indication for the rejuvenation of the face, aging can be only corrected by such sophisticated technique which allow for outstanding results.

We can perform a very natural and effective treatment in the suitable stages, which give a radical and natural change to the look of the patient. The elevation of the face freshens the expression, giving it an uplifting aspect, full of vitality. The effects of the treatment also extend to the jowls and neck region and to the nasolabial folds, due to the tensing action of the technique, improving tautness and elevating the tissue. The correction to the sagging of the face and neck is the ideal treatment for appropriate facial rejuvenation in persons of older age.

This is the most spectacular treatment in rejuvenation surgery. Cervicofacial lifting is one of our most exclusive treatments. Very few professionals specialize in the correction of an aged face and neck using muscular techniques. We offer this fantastic product thanks to our team of Plastic Surgeons specializing in the face and neck, with a wealth of experience and numerous successful treatments behind them.

Nowadays one cannot speak of "stretching" on the face and neck. The latest and most effective techniques avoid the old style lifting that tautened the skin excessively and made the modification to the face so obvious. In the past the procedure consisted of eliminating a lot of skin and then subjecting the face and neck to severe traction. This cutaneous tension caused deformities in the ear lobes, poor quality scars and sagging of these same scars. These obsolete procedures have been abandoned by the professional community of Cosmetic Surgery, for having caused grotesque results that were artificial with numerous consequences. Besides the effect of rejuvenation was null on the neck and in general it lasted only a short time. Incomprehensibly, many centres continue to use such techniques or other supposedly conservative ones, with the deceptive argument that these methods are "simpler".

The techniques we use allow the causes of cervicofacial aging to be treated directly, especially sagging or displacement of the muscles and tissue on the face and neck. The cause of the aging aspect is to be found in the deeper structures and not so much in the skin. We therefore use techniques of muscular reconstruction that also lift the tissue, without neglecting the treatment of the skin, but only to remove excess skin, never to stretch it. In this way the skin is never the supportive element, the face is held by the muscular treatment achieving a natural and lasting rejuvenating result.

Cervicofacial cutaneous and muscular flaccidity, the nasolabial folds, the sagging of the cheek, jowls and neck, fatty deposits on the jowls and neck, a wide section of wrinkles and excess skin can all be corrected. The outline of the jaw and neck is considered one of the major attributes of youth in the face. The lower outline of the face and the neck become less defined over the years and in exchange pouches of flaccid muscle appear as jowls and vertical bands in the neck. The cause is the sagging of facial tissue, which can then be elevated and tautened.

Cervicofacial lifting is the star treatment in facial rejuvenation and we have at our disposal the appropriate professional team to ensure patients once again feel proud of their image.

Face and Neck lifting can be performed isolatedly, however patients may need Forehead and Eyebrows Lifting. Frequently, the treatment of the face and neck is associated with Blepharoplasty. These treatments correspond to a similar age range, or originate from the same communal problems. On combining these treatments, a full periorbital, upper and middle face and neck rejuvenation is the result achieved.


Surgery to remove excess skin, reposition the structures sagged down, tauten the muscles and reduce fat deposits that collectively occur as a result of the passage of time, the action of the sun and volume changes on the cheeks, jaw and neck. It is a rejuvenating treatment with completely natural results which go beyond a simple skin tautening. It consists of a combination of sophisticated techniques applied to the cervicofacial anatomy whose purpose is to return to the appearance lost with aging.

Commercial Philosophy

We are fully aware of the importance for the patients to feel satisfied with their face and neck aging, both in their own personal being and in their world around them. That is why we have designed a product so that a cervicofacial lifting can be within reach of any person who needs face and neck rejuvenation, irrespective of their financial possibilities. Finally, there is available to the general public the best offer of face and neck surgery in terms of price/quality. Without compromising results or guarantees we allow any person to have the possibility of seeing their dreams come true, without it representing an unviable economic outlay.

Cervicofacial Lifting Technical Datasheet

Surgical time  
4 hours
Hospital stay  
1 night ICU + 1 night standard room
Proximity stay  
1 week
Postoperative pain  
2 (scale from 1 to 5)
Postoperative bandages  
not required
Sick leave  
2 weeks
Complementary treatments  
not required
Cosmetic recovery  
1 month 80%, 3 months 90%, 6 months 95%, 12 months 100%
folds and hair around the ear, under the chin; concealed

This information is indicative only and does not represent an obligation with customers. This technical datasheet is based in statistical means for large groups of patients, with the variability that implies. Medicine and Surgery are not exact Sciences so it is not possible to stablish the most suitable management for each individual case until the moment the Specialist can evaluate the patient. One medical and/or surgical process can't be predictable 100%, so our Medical Team could modify the management plan at any time, based on the requirements that could be considered as necessary.

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