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Breast Removal in Males

Breast Removal in Males

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Breast Removal in Males | Gynecomastia Removal | Male Breast Reduction | Male Reduction Mammaplasty

Breast Removal in Males Gynecomastia is the name given in Cosmetic Surgery to the presence of mammary tissue in men, this problem currently being a rather common motive for men to consult with us.

Medical Philosophy

This peculiarity does not have to mean that there is any hormonal disturbance, but it causes severe psychological problems relating to a social nature, particularly in young men. Various degrees of gynecomastia exist that can be classified in relation to the volume of the breast, the excess of skin prevailing, the size of the areola and sagging of the breast that might be detectable. A certain imbalance between both breasts can also be present. The treatment mainly consists in the elimination of the irregular glandular tissue in the breast. Depending on the situation, which our Specialists will diagnose on an individual basis, it will also be necessary to eliminate the excess skin, reduce or elevate the areola or perform a liposuction on the chest. One particular kind of intervention for gynecomastia does not exist; to obtain the best results treatments are designed to suit each patient. The final objective of the operation is to mould a masculine thorax in the patient, showing clear pectoral muscle definition, eliminating any matter that could be considered either embarrassing or effeminate.

A masculine breast excess can basically be composed of mammary gland, which is the most frequent case of gynecomastia, and is called gynecomastia vera or true gynecomastia. In few patients a presence of breast can be detected due to a chronic accumulation of fat in that area, called pseudogynecomastia. Depending on whether the fat or glandular tissue is more predominant, one technique or another will be chosen for elimination. In adolescents and young men authentic mammary tissue predominates and can therefore be eliminated directly. When it is fatty tissue that predominates liposuction has to be performed.


Gynecomastia is used for the presence of mammary gland in the male, for genetic reasons, hormonal or pharmacological. The glandulectomy is the elimination of excess breast tissue without skin removed, therefore is applied to mild and moderate cases; the scars are inside the areola or slightly off. In severe cases requiring skin removal gynecomastia mastectomy is used. Mastectomy is the removal of excess breast tissue with the accompanying skin, the scars are inside the chest skin depending on the technique. Some cases of obesity pseudogynecomastia can be treated by liposuction. The repair of multioperated breasts lie within the Secondary or Revision Mammaplasty group of treatments.

Commercial Philosophy

We are fully aware of the importance for a man to feel masculine, both in his own personal being and in his world around him. That is why we have designed a product so that a reduction to the gynecomastia can be within reach of any man who needs one, irrespective of his financial possibilities. Finally, there is available to the general public the best offer of gynecomastia removal in terms of price/quality. Without compromising results or guarantees we allow any man to have the possibility of seeing his dreams come true, without it representing an unviable economic outlay.

Gynecomastia Removal Technical Datasheet

Surgical time  
1 hour
Hospital stay  
day case
Proximity stay  
2 days
Postoperative pain  
3 (scale from 1 to 5)
Postoperative bandages  
2 weeks
Sick leave  
3 weeks
Complementary treatments  
not required
Cosmetic recovery  
1 month 80%, 3 months 90%, 6 months 95%, 12 months 100%
around or inside the areola, occasionally outside the areola; concealed, occasionally visible

This information is indicative only and does not represent an obligation with customers. This technical datasheet is based in statistical means for large groups of patients, with the variability that implies. Medicine and Surgery are not exact Sciences so it is not possible to stablish the most suitable management for each individual case until the moment the Specialist can evaluate the patient. One medical and/or surgical process can't be predictable 100%, so our Medical Team could modify the management plan at any time, based on the requirements that could be considered as necessary.

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