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Brand New Nose

Brand New Nose


Revision Rhinoplasty

4900   £4335   $6033

Reconstruction Rhinoplasty

5400   £4778   $6649

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Brand New Nose | Secondary Rhinoplasty | Revision Rhinoplasty | Remedial Rhinoplasty | Reconstructive Rhinoplasty | Repairing Rhinoplasty

Brand New Nose We are specialists in Secondary Rhinoplasty applied to the repair of cases of Cosmetic Surgery that have been performed in other centres and have resulted in being deficient or unsatisfactory. This is one of the exclusive products you will only find with us, thanks to the high professional level of our Plastic Surgeons.

Medical Philosophy

Medicine and Surgery are not exact sciences, and therefore contain a degree of variability and unpredictability. In part, this is due to the human factor, thanks to which we offer Cosmetic Surgery at the highest degree of professionalism. However, this same human factor, if it lacks the correct level of excellence, can be the cause of inadequate or complicated results. Separately, there are the individual and genetic factors corresponding to each patient, which may condition the work performed by the professionals. Currently, Cosmetic Surgery is a massive phenomenon that has been popularised and has penetrated all social levels. Whether due to the factors inherent in each patient or, what is more customary, through errors in the indication or execution of treatment, from the vast number of operations performed certain patients may be frustrated in their desire for improvement.

The situation for patients suffering from poor results in their treatments is, at times, desperate, because they cannot find Specialists who are sufficiently honest or who have enough experience in this type of re-operations. It is not about applying customary and normal techniques of Cosmetic Surgery. Cases of secondary surgery require a meticulous and personalised study by professionals especially dedicated to these types of repair. The techniques applied have to be designed to measure for the condition of the tissue.

Our medical team provide a great wealth of experience in secondary surgery or for the revision of those cases that have already been operated on and in which the patient wishes to improve the result. These situations are very demanding professionally and only certain Specialists can meet them with due guarantees. We assess you in a totally independent and professional manner, we shall inform you of the real possibilities of improving your result, and we shall try to achieve the success so desired from the previous treatments. We shall know how to listen to you and to understand what you are looking for. Thanks to our Plastic Surgeons many patients have recovered their belief in Cosmetic Surgery and the joy of living.


Surgical repair of secondary cases, multiple operations, poor results, imperfections, negligence and complications of nasal operations. Problems by hump over-resection (saddle), easel defects, irregularities, broad pyramid, narrow pyramid, over-rotation of tip (piggy nose), pinching, respiratory valve damage, adhesions (synechiae), septal deviations (respiratory septum), dislocated or inefficient grafts, calcified tip, necrosis, fibrosis, internal injuries, loss of structural elements, posttraumatic nose (fractures), unsatisfactory, etc.

These situations can be very demanding professionally and only some Specialists can meet those challenges with the ensuing guarantees of success.

Commercial Philosophy

We are fully aware of the importance for the patients to feel satisfied with their nose surgery, both in their own personal being and in their world around them. That is why we have designed a product so that a brand new nose can be within reach of any person who needs revision surgery to the nose, irrespective of their financial possibilities. Finally, there is available to the general public the best offer of secondary surgery to the nose in terms of price/quality. Without compromising results or guarantees we allow any person to have the possibility of seeing their dreams come true, without it representing an unviable economic outlay.

Secondary Rhinoplasty Technical Datasheet

Surgical time  
2 hours
Hospital stay  
day case
Proximity stay  
1 day
Postoperative pain  
1 (scale from 1 to 5)
Postoperative bandages  
nasal dressing 2 days, splint 2 weeks
Sick leave  
2 days
Complementary treatments  
not required
Cosmetic recovery  
1 month 80%, 3 months 90%, 6 months 95%, 12 months 100%
inside the nose, non-visible; between the nostrils when open approach, scarcely perceptible ; behind the ear when graft harvested, concealed

This information is indicative only and does not represent an obligation with customers. This technical datasheet is based in statistical means for large groups of patients, with the variability that implies. Medicine and Surgery are not exact Sciences so it is not possible to stablish the most suitable management for each individual case until the moment the Specialist can evaluate the patient. One medical and/or surgical process can't be predictable 100%, so our Medical Team could modify the management plan at any time, based on the requirements that could be considered as necessary.

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